You, me & Lag…

The current Lag issues of Minecraft. BeastNode, LLC What next? We here at BeastNode can still remember the day we first booted up a Minecraft server and found it amazing!This is still a core value that we hold with Minecraft Server Hosting. You can jump straight into Vanilla Minecraft and enjoy it in the purest […]

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Live Streaming: Getting Started

We’ve recently seen a large increase in Minecraft Servers used for streaming. From Budget Minecraft Hosting to Premium Plans. Like hosting, streaming is as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. Many people successfully start streaming with a zero dollar budget, but even with a little budget you can make yourself stand […]

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How to Use Minecraft in the Classroom

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s popularity is not just high among kids, but also adults of all ages. Teachers are coming up with different ways to use the game in the classroom to the benefit of their children. With Minecraft premium servers, teachers can utilize the game to […]

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Creating Your Own Minecraft World

  Earlier this month, James Osprey wrote an article for OnlySP about Minecraft enthusiasts who are taking their gaming to the next level and starting their own worlds on their own dedicated servers. OnlySP is a gaming publication focused primarily on single-player gaming. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever and can […]

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The Golden Age of Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon The period from the mid-80s all the way through the 90s can be considered the Golden Age of Nickelodeon. Green slime, whacky cartoons, and that bright orange splat Nick logo were iconic of the fun and quirky era. Here are 7 of some of the best Nickelodeon shows that came out of that time […]

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which minecraft mob are you

Which Minecraft Mob Are You?

In the game Minecraft, a mob is a monster or animal that is affected by things such as weather and lighting, just like the player is. ‘Mob’ is short for mobile and is used as game jargon, simply meaning these entities are able to move about. They can be your enemies or your best friends, […]

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