What Happens When Parkour Meets Minecraft? [Video]

Something awesome happens.

Parkour and Minecraft are both popular in their own right. One is a super intense workout routine that helps get your body in shape using totally unconventional practices and activities, the other is an insanely popular video game all about “breaking and placing blocks.”

Though they sound pretty different, one brilliant mind has brought them together for a truly epic video that will change the way you look at reality.

In his video “MINECRAFT PARKOUR IN REAL LIFE,” YouTuber and Parkour expert Ronnie Street Stunts, or Ronnie Shalvis, invites viewers on an adventure that combines the best parts of Parkour with the world of Minecraft.

The Setup

At its core, Minecraft is a wondrous, imaginative world where multiple players can create just about anything they can think of. In true video game fashion, there are dangers, adventures with friends, and battles that are as exciting as they are challenging.

Designed to build skill and push the imagination, Minecraft is the ultimate game for exploration and critical thinking. Parkour, on the other hand, is known as a natural way to train the body so that it can move quickly and effortlessly through any environment while making use of the environment to help it along. This is also known as the “art of displacement”.

So, when combined, Parkour and Minecraft mean an experience that uses only the physical body and your mental power to work.  Ronnie shows us what it’s like when these two worlds collide in the real world.

This video is filled with everything you would ever want in a real life Minecraft meets Parkour world.

Animals roaming the land


Buildings made out of blocks (You can actually climb)

And an insane amount of tricks

Check out the full video here:

If you’re interested in combining the real world with the Minecraft world, or simply want to know more about Ronnie and his amazing skills, checkout his YouTube Page. You will find more real world mashups as well as personal tips on how to Parkour. When world’s collide, things can get pretty magical, so keep your mind open and try new things!

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