Old Minecraft Features We Wish Would Make a Comeback

As games grow and advance, new features are put in. Sometimes, though, old features are taken out with these updates. Most of the time, they’re not features we want to be gone, either. But alas, they are and there’s nothing we can do about it, except reminisce.

So let’s take a look back at features we all miss with the help of Reddit users in the Minecraft Subreddit.

1. Old Night Time Transition 

That was pretty neat. It was chunks suddenly getting darker as if night time was crawling over the land! Just something about it, honestly.

2. Mushroom Growing

Used to be quite fast and was a great source. Now, they take forever to grow and because of that, they’re not as great of a food source as it used to be.

3. Enhancing tables not needing Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is tough to find sometimes, so it can be difficult to obtain what you want to enhance your items.

4. Mobs/Players being able to die at a high enough height in water

This was so convenient for mob farms. Bummer that this is gone! 

5. Boats

How they used to float up in water. You could make some awesome secret entrances with that. 

6. Boat Elevators

Making waterslides and water coasters was so much fun! 

7. Old Textures

Sometimes you just miss things that you wouldn’t think twice about, like the old gravel texture and lapis lazuli texture. You can always add the old textures again here.

8. Old Skeletons

They’re just not the same. There are ways to handle them, but they’re not the same. They don’t attack like they used to, like not shooting from 30 feet away every 2 seconds. 

9. Infinite Lava

Putting lava in a ‘+’ shape would always cause the middle section to regenerate. Was amazingly useful for obsidian and other such things. 

10. Minecart Boosters

This method of accelerating your Minecart by having a set run alongside one another have gone through revision with Powered Rails, which wasn’t the same. Now their fate is unknown for the future.

What old features do you miss? Tell us your favorites by commenting below!

One thought on “Old Minecraft Features We Wish Would Make a Comeback

  1. Secret feriday updates, gamemode developer tests (sth like survival test) also there you needed to do everything with ehat you jhave. Now you have everything and its boring. These tests like the sky dimension or the torch light stopping used to be cool. Now there arent such things. Also so many of my friends stopped playing it because mc is ruining. I even think alpha was netter than beta. I have even more things to say. Do you agree with me?

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