Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update

Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update

On February 29th of last month, Minecraft released their first major update since 2014. Minecraft 1.9, the combat update, has been in development since before Minecraft 1.8, the bountiful update.

This marks the longest span of time between major updates for Minecraft at 545 days. The update had initially been planned for release during October of 2015 however it was held back to further work out any bugs.

The Updates

The update contained several additions to combat features such as added shields and dual wielding, the ability to hold two items. Also included was the new “cool-down” delay for attacks that affects the player’s ability and strength of attacks. This encourages players to pay more attention while timing attacks.

Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update

Another combat addition in the update gave the skeletons the ability to ride horses and made them more difficult in combat. There are also one new weapon, the spectral arrow, and 14 new variations of tipped arrow and lingering potion.

The combat update has also changed the hardcore mode so that if you die players are allowed to continue in spectator mode. Other combat additions include basic status, statistic add-ons, and changes in armor values.

Not all changes from the update pertained to combat, though. New objects and material can be found in the Minecraft environment including igloos and frosted ice.

Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update

Additional Changes

1.9 also includes over 150 sound effects as well as the addition of subtitles. Support was also added for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Basic additions to the update are the rebalanced effects of several aspects of the game including fishing, health regeneration, tool damage, and generated loot chests. Also, oak trees have been given the ability to generate again so there is no more fear of deforestation.

Update 1.10 is already under development, and, while it doesn’t have a set release date, there are plans for the addition of a new mob.

We cannot wait for the new update because we can’t get enough of the 1.9 Combat addition!


Feature Photo: Mojang

Photo Sources: Minecraft via Gamepedia


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