10 minecraft creation patrick star would make

10 Special Minecraft Creations By Patrick Star

We love Patrick Star! He’s sweet, funny, pink, and a friend for all, which is why he has won a place in all of our hearts. Another one of our favorite things, if we are to keep count, is Minecraft. Where else do we get to explore and create uncontrollably?

In a perfect world, we can combine Patrick Star and Minecraft together, and since Minecraft is a world all of its own, why not give Patrick Star a chance to shine his brightest? Here are the 10 Minecraft Creations we think Patrick Star would make if he had a computer of his own.

1. Mayonnaise

“Is mayonnaise an instrument?” Patrick Star once asked SpongeBob during band practice in the famous band concert episode.   Mayonnaise might not be an instrument, but it can definitely be a Minecraft creation! If Patrick loves mayonnaise enough to consider it a musical instrument, it must mean that he has a pretty tight relationship with the condiment.   If building a rock home in Minecraft doesn’t work out, maybe Patrick could create a giant jar of mayonnaise to live in.

2. Pineapple Home

While he’s at it, he would probably build a pineapple home for SpongeBob to live in too. The green leafy part might be a little too difficult for poor Patrick, but maybe with some help from his friends, he can build a nice little pineapple base.

3. Ice Cream

10 Minecraft Creations Patrick Star Would Make

Patrick would probably create a bunch of different foods in general. But, in his Bikini Bottom adventures, Patrick’s ice cream cravings sure seem to get in the way a lot. Which is why adding giant ice cream cones to his mine craft world is extremely important. Maybe they could even line his mayo house, like a massive wall of protective ice cream.

4. Krabby Patty

We can’t forget about the most important food of all: the Krabby Patty. But, if Patrick plans to make a Krabby Patty, it only makes sense that he first creates The Krusty Krab and gathers his trusty friend, Spongebob for assistance, since he is the only one with the secret recipe.

5. Squidward

10 Minecraft Creations Patrick Star Would Make

Patrick is of course if going to want friends to share his world of food, rock homes and random useless items with. That’s why he would make a Minecraft Squidward! Or maybe even a whole village of Squidwards. Although, that sounds like a very depressing, crazy clarinet playing village.

6. Giant Spongebob

It would seem fitting that since he made so many Squidards, Patrick should create just as many Spongebobs. But, never mind, that’s way too many yellow sponges. It might just be best to create one giant SpongeBob. And to keep that towering sponge happy, he might as well create a giant version of himself!

7. The Flying Dutchman

10 Minecraft Creations Patrick Star Would Make

Now that “the gangs’ all here,” adventures are sure to take place and to navigate the Minecraft waters, it would make sense that Patrick would create a boat. But not just any boat— The Flying Dutchman!

8, 9, & 10. Emergency Pack Full of Stuff: Giant Pencil, Driver’s License, and A Treasure Map

He and the gang could sail on blocks of blue towards a setting block moon (since The Dutchman typically is a nocturnal vessel). On these adventures, one has to plan ahead and be prepared for villainous foes. Especially that one creepy Spongebob doodle (DoodleBob) that tried to erase Bikini Bottom with a giant pencil. Or Mrs. Puff, who would undoubtedly try to stop Patrick and SpongeBob from sailing the ocean without a driver’s license. And then there’s always Plankton, forever trying to steal the Krabby Patty recipe.

So, to be prepared, Patrick, being as smart and good at planning as he is, would probably create an emergency pack. In that pack would be his own giant pencil, a fake driver’s license, and a treasure chest to safely store the sacred Krabby Patty recipe.

Then Patrick’s Minecraft world would be complete, and after all that creating, he could go take a nap somewhere and dream of fighting crime somewhere alongside Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy.




Special Thanks to Nickelodeon for these amazing images!


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