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20 Kid-Friendly Youtubers with the Best Minecraft Videos

Minecraft is a fun game that kids enjoy playing. Below is a list of 20 Youtubers that have some of the best kid-friendly Minecraft videos.


1. Stampylonghead, aka Stampy Cat

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Mr. Stampy Cat is a British cartoon cat that narrates over mainly “Let’s Play” videos and uploads a new Minecraft video each day. Though he didn’t start out intending to be a children’s channel, once he realized that was his audience he became completely kid-friendly in every video after episode 19. Check out his How To Minecraft series to learn everything there is to know about Minecraft!


2. Iballisticsquid, aka Squid Nugget

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Squid Nugget is Mr. Stampy Cat’s best friend, and some of his videos even feature Stampy in them! He is a British cartoon squid that is sure to get kids laughing while staying appropriate at all times. His videos are mainly “Let’s Play” videos with the occasional mod and challenge. Check out his series Squiddy Sundays, where Squid Nugget uploads a fun and random video.


3. Paul Soares Jr.


Is a family-friendly Youtuber who is also a dad, business owner, and husband. While he makes videos about many games, his most popular series is called Survive & Thrive where he teaches you everything you need to know about how to survive and thrive in the Minecraft world!


4. EthosLab

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Etho makes entertaining and instructional videos that are careful to avoid anything that isn’t kid-friendly. His most popular series is called Etho Plays Minecraft where he makes complex Redstone contraptions.


5. Littlelizardgaming

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Little Lizard Gaming promises to be one hundred percent kid friendly and is best for young Minecraft players. Little Lizard makes mainly “how to” instructional videos for creating things in the Minecraft world. Check out this video of them teaching you how to make a creeper!


6. Thinknoodles


Think Noodles is a channel that features many different games, but his Minecraft videos take the cake. Think Noodles make videos in story mode, survival mode videos, and more. Even better, the videos often feature his golden retriever named, Kopi. Check out his Camping Trip role-play video!


7. Sethbling

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Seth Bling is an expert on Redstone and posts tutorials on how you can become an expert, too. Check out his videos on how to fry an egg, his prototype Minecraft washing machine, or his Minecraft arcade game!


8. Amylee33

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Amy uploads Minecraft videos every single day. She’s also friends with Stampy, our good friend from the beginning of this list! She is known for being kind, compassionate, and a good role model. Check out her videos on her Minecraft family in a series she calls Amy’s Land of Love!


9. The DiamondMindCart

kid-friendly minecraft videos

The Diamond Mind Cart posts a new Minecraft video every day. Each video has a plot and is very entertaining while being kid-friendly. The Diamond Mind Cart does mod showcases, mini-games, challenges, and moderated survivals. Check out their video of Minecraft’s version of the popular cartoon Adventure Time!


10. GoodTimesWithScar


Scar specializes in building intricate structures in the Minecraft world such as green houses, a tree house, and a roller coaster! Watch their tutorials in order to learn how to create these structures and more!


11. ElementAnimation

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Element Animation is an international team of artists and animators who create short 2-5 minute comedy videos based on Minecraft. Check out their original series An Eggs Guide to Minecraft.


12. Stacyplays

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Stacy is a gamer that says she loves to go on adventures and wants her subscribers to go on them with her! She doesn’t swear in her videos and filters profanity in the comments on her videos as well. Each day of the week she does different types of videos, like challenges on Sundays and moderated role-plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays!


13. Dig Build Live

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Dig Build Live tries to explore the basics of Minecraft through a narrative approach rather than a technical way that many other Youtubers utilize in their videos. They teach basics such as building, crafting, mining, and spawning. Check out their video on digging holes and building things!


14. Netty Plays

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Netty is a gamer whose goal is to learn Minecraft along with her followers! She says that whether her videos are tutorials or are just her “attempting to play” as she puts it, they’ll always make you laugh. Check out her videos about Minecraft’s version of the Hunger Games!


15. Ashdubh

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Ashdubh’s channel is based off short videos that are chopped up into funny moments or montages of the best bits of their gaming. They’re entertaining and always family friendly! Check out their Star Wars minigame video!


16. Wonderquest

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Wonderquest is an offshoot of Stampy’s channel. The videos take place in the Minecraft world of Wonderberg, where they follow Stampy and his friend Keen explore and discover the world! Check out their first Wonderquest video, Stampy’s New Minecraft Adventure!


17. GamingWithJen


Jen loves playing Minecraft with her husband Pat. They make videos in story mode, and also show off worlds they have created. Check out her video of what she calls the Creeper Roller Coaster!


18. PopularMMO’s

kid-friendly minecraft videos

PopularMMO is all about showing kids new and exciting ways to play Minecraft. Many of the videos focus on Lucky Block challenges. Check out their videos on the mini games in Notch Land!


19. CaptainSparklez

kid-friendly minecraft videos

CaptainSparklez makes videos that show off his very technically advanced worlds that are accompanied by hilarious and entertaining commentary. Check out his Let’s Play Story Mode series!


20. SqaisheyQuack

kid-friendly minecraft videos

Sqaishey is a yellow duck that loves to play Minecraft and loves having friends to watch and play with! She is a good friend of Stampy’s. Her videos are great for younger kids while still being fun and entertaining. Check out her series called Cloud Nest!


Take a look through these different kid-friendly Minecraft video channels to find what suits your interests best. Enjoy playing!




152 thoughts on “20 Kid-Friendly Youtubers with the Best Minecraft Videos

      1. Kyle yeah he is I love Thinknoodles and DanTDM he is cool brah💎 I also like Inquisitor master too but she’s not on that list:( BUT SHE IS APPROPRIATE!!

        1. They ar3 1nnapr0pr1ate i think u guys should try out unspeakable gaming he is also funny and one more thing plz stop typing ur age but I am __ years old

      2. Who Pat or Denis cause The Pals make funny but inappropriate videos there are sexual poses and really weird moments I’d prefer Sketch or Alex than Sub, Denis, and Corl especially Corl he is the most inappropriate with Denis when they are together I love Pat and Jen they are 100% appropriate for all ages they say b a l l s a lot but like slime balls and I love the polyok hoe I’m sorry I don’t know how to spell it 😂😂😂😁😁😁😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️😃😃😃😄😄😄😆😆😆

      3. Denis is inappropriate and Corl and sometimes Sub I love Sketch though I won’t forget about Alex I love him to I love Sketch mostly but Corl and Denis (sometimes Sub) are inappropriate together they sometimes do sexual poses and ya. But um Pat and Jen they are 100% kid friendly sometimes they say balls as in slime balls and Jen loves pufferfish and pollyhock hoes lol and pink. By the way I am a girl my name : Karina also known at school Baby Rina by my friend Elizabeth known as Lizzie my favorite color is Blue to blue also known as Neon blue



    1. Did you read it I know it’s the picture of Lee but they are talking about AmyLee33 search it up on YouTube they are different the person just made a mistake on the pictures so ya

  2. Uhhh this is like bad or something I’m 7 in a half and my fav YouTube is that is here is
    2:Amy lee33
    3:StamyCat he was my fav when I was young meories I always watched stamycat he made me laugh and have fun ha good meroies 😀

  3. Umm I have a correction:
    DanTDM- YouTube removed him from the kid-froiejdly list (due to burning a doll in one pf his videos)
    Thank you.

  4. LOL these guys are boring xD Check out LDShadowlady, SeaPeekay and Yammyxox if you want kid friendly stuff.

  5. But I love comedy so I am not ‘kid friendly’ I LOVE Markiplier 💖
    so I like youtubers, I discovered it when I was 8
    Bruh I love markiplier

  6. MrsFoxnSocks is a new Youtuber. She’s a mom who plays with her kids. Minecraft survival, minigames, Roblox, etc. Very family friendly.

  7. “Kid friendly” can be pretty subjective, but I agree with most of this list and my kids watch several of these channels. I was so concerned with some of the language and content on some of the Minecraft and gaming channels that my kids and I started our own channel where we do fun challenge series and play other games.

    It seems there are more and more kid and family friendly channels popping up these days which is good news. Thanks for putting this list together!

  8. PopularMMOs = favorite youtune ever with the 2nd being stampy cat in fact I have a youtube chanal as well all you have 2 is type in Lucian,s Channel

  9. Etho is the best I have watched him for 5 years and he is 100% kid friendly. (some of his friends aren’t though just don’t watch some of his multiplayer videos)

  10. I think TSMC- Minecraft should be on here. He does Minecraft builds and he’s pretty good at making videos. Also unspeakable and shark should be on here

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