which minecraft mob are you

Which Minecraft Mob Are You?

In the game Minecraft, a mob is a monster or animal that is affected by things such as weather and lighting, just like the player is. ‘Mob’ is short for mobile and is used as game jargon, simply meaning these entities are able to move about. They can be your enemies or your best friends, and each has its own qualities to make them useful or dangerous. Which Minecraft mob are you? Below are some descriptions and videos of the most popular mobs to help you make your decision!


7 Different Categories of Mobs:

  • Neutral – neutral mobs won’t attack you unless they are attacked first
  • Passive – also known as peaceful, these mobs won’t harm you
  • Utility – are able to work outrageously hard with 360-degree functioning
  • Boss – hostile mobs that are more difficult to defeat than any other kind
  • Tamable – after tamed, this mob will follow you around for the duration of the game, protecting you and providing company!
  • Hostile – these are the mobs to look out for! They can hit you, and hit hard. They only spawn at night or in the dark.

Depending on the type of mob, some attack, while others never do, and some spawn any time of day while others can only spawn (come into existence) on dark blocks or in certain levels. Spawning may occur naturally when the biome and lighting are ideal, or manually in creative mode from spawn eggs. However, spawning can’t occur on lava, rocks, etc. unless it is monster spawn, which can hatch anywhere.


How Do Mobs Live Their Lives?

A mob is spawned, and then lives its life by moving blocks, creating more spawns, defending its home, etc. until one day it dies, which is when it puffs smoke and ‘drops’ items which may be useful resources.

Whether you wish to train a mob as your own, let them be, defend yourself from them, or initiate a fight is up to you. Here are seven of the most popular mobs:


1. Endermen

Source: MrCubey (Youtube)

The endermen is a neutral mob that teleports from the dimension ‘The End’, which is a place you will have to eventually visit to win the game. Endermens spend most of their time picking up blocks and move them around, which can be quite irritating. To kill an endermen requires strategy – they won’t die by a simple sword slash. Also, if you are fighting an endermen, they have the ability to teleport to other dimensions, making the fight even more difficult. However, their neutrality makes them an okay mob to deal with.


2. Ender dragon

which minecraft mob are you

Source: Pinterest

Ender dragon is a boss mob – the first one in the game of Minecraft! Its main behaviors include circling, perching, strafing and charging. Rather than moving blocks around, the ender dragon destroys them. However, it is a favorite because as a dragon, its purple breath can be caught and used as a valuable resource throughout the game!


3. Creepers

Source: MagmaMusen (Youtube)

Creepers may be the most hated mob due to their expansive destruction, but that doesn’t make them less known! They attack by getting as close to you as possible and then exploding. They are sneaky, ignite on fire in sunlight, and are able to conquer many obstacles. Since they are in the hostile category, they will try to kill you for no reason, and are so quiet that you’ll have a hard time seeing them coming – they are named ‘creepers’ for a reason!

4. Wither

Source: iDeactivateMC (Youtube)

The second boss mob (after the ender dragon) is the wither. With three heads and the ability to poison its opponents, the wither can be a real threat. It also destroys blocks by smashing them every few seconds.

5. Pigs

Source: MagmaMusen (Youtube)

Pigs are passive mobs that you can ride on, and are cute to look at! They roam around in the Overworld and occasionally drop pork chops.

6. Ghasts

Source: MrCubey (Youtube)

Rather than flying, these hostile mobs float around shooting fireballs at players. They make high pitch sounds as a warning before they fire, and at other times hum a peaceful noise. A lot of players say that ghasts make a sharp cry when hit.


7. Mooshrooms

Source: MagmaMusen (Youtube)

It’s refreshing to find a mob that isn’t eager to attack you. Mooshrooms are different types of cows that travel in herds of four to eight and spend their days roaming and mooing. They drop leather or beef so you can stay alive on stew for a long time.


8. Ocelot

Source: MagmaMusen (Youtube)

This passive mob will never attack, and is as cute as can be! Sometimes, they spawn with kittens and occasionally attack chickens. Ocelots can be trained by attracting it with fish, feeding it, and then the ocelot will turn into a cat that will follow the player around for the duration of the day. Ocelots are a favorite because they have the ability to scare off the dreaded creepers!


Which Minecraft Mob Are You?

Overall, what would Minecraft be without the unpredictable, sometimes cute and sometimes annoying mobs? The various creatures are all so different, with unpredictable qualities, just like us humans. Find out which mob is similar to you by taking this quiz!


which minecraft mob are you

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