Creating Your Own Minecraft World


Earlier this month, James Osprey wrote an article for OnlySP about Minecraft enthusiasts who are taking their gaming to the next level and starting their own worlds on their own dedicated servers. OnlySP is a gaming publication focused primarily on single-player gaming. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever and can be found on a wide variety of platforms. There are various modes, and the most hardcore will decide to run their own servers to have the ultimate freedom.

Osprey’s article notes the many people who run their own servers are able to create amazing worlds, putting in years of work into their designs. They will often encourage other players to join their servers and engage in community projects. For example, one of the most successful ongoing community projects is WesterosCraft. WesterosCraft is dedicated to recreating the Game of Thrones universe.

This is just one of many ongoing community projects started by hardcore Minecraft enthusiasts who wanted to create art from Minecraft gameplay. We highly encourage you to check out some of other adventure maps featured in the article if you want inspiration and are thinking about running your own private Minecraft server.

Finding a Minecraft Server

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