Live Streaming: Getting Started

We’ve recently seen a large increase in Minecraft Servers used for streaming. From Budget Minecraft Hosting to Premium Plans. Like hosting, streaming is as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it.
Many people successfully start streaming with a zero dollar budget, but even with a little budget you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. Playing with your viewers can be a huge boost!
Hopefully this run down will help you get started! If you have any questions about Hosting your own Minecraft Server we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We’ll do our best to keep this up to date!

As with any new job or hobby you’re looking to pick up there are a few things you’ll need to  get started. Generally speaking the more prepared you are before starting your streaming  career the more likely you’ll have a strong start. That being said, you’ll need the following  equipment:

A good PC or gaming console​ is going to be essential when it comes to live streaming, as  your hardware will need to be capable of handling the encoding and delivery of the content you’re streaming. Most mainstream consoles support the ability to live stream directly from  their respective dashboards.
Consoles are limited on how much personalization you can add to your stream, but they’re a fantastic starting point as there is virtually no costs to get started with a console.
Where as a PC with a strong processor will allow you to control both the quality and personalization that goes into your stream.

A clear microphone​ is another crucial piece to your streaming arsenal, as commentary is  typically the link that allows you to connect to your viewers, which will help build your  audience!
If you don’t have a microphone, fear not, its not the end many streamers run just happily without!

A webcam​ ​or camera​, while optional, would also help you build your audience, as it allows  viewers to feel more connected with you. It allows them to put a face to your voice as well  as share your reactions to the content your streaming. It will also make their experience more personal, making them feel more involved in your community.

Streaming software​ is about as important as having a PC capable of streaming, as without it you’ll  have some trouble actually going live in the first place! There is a large collection of software out there that will allow you to stream to your favorite platforms with very minimal setup,  some that will cost you and others that are free. Personally, I recommend using OBS, or  open broadcasting software, as it is currently free and open source(Not to mention it’s  also used by a majority of all popular streamers all over the internet!) .
Here are some of our favorite streaming software:  (Open Broadcaster Software – This is one of the most popular, with a little time and research you can be up and running in no time.) (Streamlabs OBS – Streamlabs uses Open Broadcaster Software as it’s base but has applied many useful features, such as themes and integrations, to help all sizes of streamers.)

Overlays & other equipment​ are great for building your brand and quality, but can be done over time. When you’re just getting started, you shouldn’t worry about having audio mixers, streamdeck, green screens or amazing overlays. You should only worry about  getting started and getting into the streaming groove. As you grow, you can add these  things over time.

Streamlabs OBS has some pre-made overlays that you’ll be able to use if you’re not able to create your own!

Choosing Your Platform (YouTube, Twitch, Other)
The next step to take on your journey to be the greatest streamer of all time is to choose a  platform and community, as there are a few different websites that allow you to stream  and build an audience. Mainly, you’ll find the most success in Twitch, YouTube, and a few  others.

Twitch​ is usually the first to be recommended, as it offers many benefits to its creators as  well as many tools and features for the viewers to use for interaction. There are many ways  to earn money and progress through the ranks of the community, via their affiliate and  partner programs, giving you access to tools like subscriptions, bits, and more. Streaming  on twitch has it’s pros and cons, but over all the platform is undeniably good.

YouTube​ is typically the next best platform when it comes to live streaming, especially if  you already upload videos or plan on doing so to your channel. YouTube’s live streaming  tools allow you to build an audience in the same way that twitch does, by allowing viewers  to find you when searching for their favorite games. They also offer a few different ways to  earn from your streams, from monthly memberships to super chats, both allowing viewers  to easily donate during your streams. It’s also important to note that if you do already  upload videos and have an established audience on YouTube, then moving to another  platform will only make things more difficult for you. Keep it simple and grow your  audience in one place.

Other​ platforms, such as Mixer, will offer similar tools to help you grow your live streaming  career, though it may take a bit more time, as these platforms are typically still in the  process of growing and gaining traction. This can sometimes be rewarding however, as  once these platforms do successfully take off you are more likely to benefit from it.

Growing Your Brand & Audience 
The unspoken reality about live streaming, as well as any form of content creation on social  media, is that it takes a lot of patience and hard work. When your just getting started,  success can seem so far away, but as long as you continue to stream as often as you can  and consistently improve your brand, you’ll be where you want to be in no time.

Consistency​ is very important when building an audience, as it’s important to provide your  community with entertainment that they can count on. Having a public schedule is often a  great way to keep your viewers coming back, as they’ll see that you’re a dedicated streamer  that they can watch regularly.

Interacting​ with your audience is also very important, as it will help keep them engaged  and coming back for more. Make sure to keep up with what people are saying in your live  chat, asking them questions and answering theirs. Having a strong conversation with your  audience is key. If a member of your audience ever does donate to you make sure to give  them the spotlight and show how grateful you are.

Quality​ is something you should constantly be working on. In order to keep your stream  fresh and exciting, make constant improvements to your setup or your overall  performance. It also helps to plan special events that your viewers can look forward to so  that each stream is different and unique in its own way. A successful stream is one that  your audience does not want to miss.

Originality​ is the final piece to the puzzle of growing an audience. If you plan on making in  the streaming business, it’s important to stand out. Try not to copy what others are doing  just because it’s works for them. Show the world who you are by making your streams a  direct reflection of you and your personality.

These are many more aspects to streaming that you’ll learn over time, the most important note that we can say is to have fun!


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