10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Good For Your Child

Top 10 Reasons Why Playing Minecraft Is Beneficial For Children

This 3D sandbox game has been one of the most popular for kids of all ages. Although many parents would prefer their children studying or spending time outdoors, there is no way a child can forget about Minecraft.

But there is good news for all parents of little Minecraft fans. It turns out that Minecraft can be beneficial for children. Continue reading to discover the top 10 reasons how your child may benefit from playing this video game.

1. Creativity

Minecraft doesn’t have goals your kid could accomplish. This game is like a plan sheet for your child when they can create and build anything their mind can imagine. Your child will definitely be applying some creativity to arrange blocks in the 3D grid and make fascinating things, like towers, monsters, ships, and even cities.

2. Problem-solving

Survival and Adventure modes in the game urge young players to think fast and react to dangers instantly. While creating blocks and items, gamers will be attacked by monsters. Not only the child will need to build a shelter to hide from them, but also refill their hunger bar not to let their health deplete. As some kids get too engrossed by survival in a game, they often lose track of time. Maybe you should consider tracking their screen time using  parental control app.

3. Teamwork

Minecraft covers group-play features, which prove it does contribute to the development of teamwork skills. Players can establish a community there and cooperate to build a house and fight monsters. The game teaches kids to play in a team and collaborate with others effectively to reach the common goal.

4. Better hand-eye coordination

The Survival mode we talked about above, also helps children to improve hand-eye coordination. In order to survive, kids need to notice monsters instantly and develop a quick and effective way to escape. This, in turn, motivates them to be more cautious and improves coordination skills.

5. Coding skills

As Minecraft is a very customizable game, it has a variety of mods. But most of them were created by the young fans. To develop such mods, children need to use the Java programming language. There is even a mod that teaches more inexperienced players to program with a virtual computer inside a Minecraft world. Most of the kids want to improve and alternate the game; that’s why they are starting to take up some programming skills.

6. Math skills

No doubt, you need to learn math to build things in Minecraft. Choosing the right blocks to create something, children test their geometry skills and determine which complex block suits the construction they imagine. 

7. History knowledge

Although the game requires players to create their own buildings and items, kids can import historic creations to the game. While exploring the Pyramids or the Coliseum, the children will have a better understanding of such famous buildings as well as historical events that were related to them.

8. Cognitive thinking

It’s now clear that Minecraft has many benefits. But what the game does in general is improves the cognitive reasoning. It helps children to develop a better reaction, think and analyze what every action may lead to and boost memorization skills.

9. Environment awareness

Although, it may sound weird, by Minecraft indeed makes children more aware of the environment and natural resources. All resources inside a game are finite, which means that kids need to create a way to continue playing with a minimum amount of iron ore and coal or develop a sustainable source of energy.

10. Patience and tolerance

Overcoming obstacles, building constructions, looking for food and collaborating with team players, your kid learns to be kind, patient and persistent. Minecraft teaches children to interact with others effectively and make the best decision to get a better gaming experience. Such a smart approach can then be transferred to real-life situations. So, if your child prefers playing Minecraft to other activities, it is not bad for them at all. Respect your kid’s hobby and foster their creativity, knowledge, and excitement.

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