20 Gaming Themed Gift Ideas Perfect For Christmas

With the ongoing pandemic, you might be feeling a little stuck for ideas when it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts for the ones you love. With online shopping the online viable option on the table this year, you won’t be the only one wondering, “where can I find gifts that scream ‘handpicked with love’ and ‘I know you’” when you can’t go outside?

You’re in luck! With this list exploding with fun and interesting gift ideas perfect for any occasion, you will soon find yourself having a very ‘Merry Christmas’ with any kind of gamer in your life.

(This list also includes gift ideas from small businesses. Remember to shop small when you can and help save independent stores this Christmas!)

1. Personalised Animal Crossing New Horizons mug

Source: Etsy.com

If you keep up to date with all the latest news in gaming, you will know that Animal Crossing was a huge success this year. Released at the beginning of quarantine, Animal Crossing New Horizons quickly became a source of escapism for many (as well as the face of various twitter memes) This cute mug from MaxPrintDesigns is the perfect gift for the Animal Crossing lover in your life. Whether they are an old or a new player one thing is for sure: they will love this gift personalised with their island name and native fruit! 

2. A Retro Mini Arcade Game

Source: iwantoneofthose.com

Miss the simplicity of retro arcade games? Then IWOOT.COM has the gift for you! This cute 6 inch arcade machine makes a great stocking filler for someone craving some 80s nostalgia – and there are five editions to choose from! 

3. Personalised Gamer Door Sign

Source: notonthehighstreet.com

We all love personalised gifts, especially when they make cool home decor! This gamer door sign is a cool addition to any gamer bedroom (and lets everyone know what you’re up to!) 

4. Nintendo NES Lamp

Source: iwantoneofthose.com

Super Mario is one of only a few games that can stand the test of time, and with this funky NES lamp it can light up your life! 

5. Among Us Plushie

Source: Etsy.com

Among Us is another game that has heavily influenced the quarantine culture this year. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a crewmate plushie of their choosing to commemorate all the hours you’ve played together! These cute crewmates even squeak!

6. Minecraft Wall Torch

Source: Amazon.com

Is there anything cooler than life size Minecraft furniture? This pixel wall torch from Amazon looks as if it has jumped straight from your screen right into your bedroom! 

6. Minecraft Beanie

Source: Menkind.co.uk

This Minecraft Creeper beanie is the perfect gift for the subtle Minecraft addict in your life. With colder weather fast approaching, this will keep them warm and fashionable!

7. Playstation Wallet

Source: Menkind.co.uk

This Playstation themed wallet from MenKind is officially licensed Sony merchandise, so you can rep your favourite console whenever you purchase a brand new game! With anti-RFID lining, you can be sure that you won’t be a victim of contactless theft. 

8. Among Us Imposter Shirt

Source: Etsy.com

Are you sick of being a crew mate? With the help of this awesome t-shirt from DincerTees on Etsy, you can be an imposter every day of the week! 

9.Legend of Zelda Heat Changing Mug

Source: Amazon.com

Colour changing mugs are epic – and so is the Legend of Zelda franchise. That morning cup of coffee can be even more satisfying with this mug that showcases a cool stained glass image of Link! 

10. Stardew Valley Farming Shirt

Source: Etsy.com

We all know someone who is addicted to Stardew Valley. While they may lose track of time collecting stone in the mines, make sure they never lose their cool with this fun farming t-shirt! 

11. Game Bucket List Poster

Source: iwantoneofthose.com

This game bucket list poster is an essential edition to any gamer’s bedroom. When you’ve completed your latest play, scratching off the pictures is so satisfying!

12. Monopoly Arcade Pacman Board Game

Source: iwantoneofthose.com

Monopoly is a Christmas staple, and it’s no secret that the new editions keep getting wackier and wackier. Try out the Pacman edition! With an arcade machine that doubles as a bank, this board game will keep you and your family entertained for hours!

13. Pokemon Happy Pikachu Plush

Source: Amazon.com

Is there anything cuter than Pikachu? Definitely! This adorable happy Pikachu plush is sure to be well loved by anyone who unwraps him!

14. GameBoy Phone Case

Source: Etsy.com

Plain phone cases are overrated. Spice up your Iphone (Or Android) with this retro GameBoy phone case. 

15. Animal Crossing Leaf Earrings

Source: Etsy.com

There is nothing cuter than the signature Animal Crossing leaf. Show your love for your island and the gamers in your life with these delicate earrings with IttyBittyFox!

16. Retro Nintendo Switch Skin

Source: Etsy.com

Let’s be honest, after quarantining for months, we have all gotten pretty sick of looking at those boring Nintendo Switch colours. With these fun switch skins from LaboTech on Etsy, you can customise any Nintendo Switch with exciting new colours and patterns! These skins are available for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite!

17.  Computer Chip Keyring and Bottle Opener

Source: Amazon.com

Computer chips are amazing – amazing to look at, amazing to build with and now amazing at opening up bottles! 

18. Super Mario Money Box

Source: iwantoneofthose.com

Do you know anyone who needs help saving their money to purchase their favourite games? Well look no further than this epic Super Mario themed money box! Save your money in style!

19. Skyrim Poster

Source: Etsy.com

Want to show off your favourite game in a subtle but classy way? Hillside Studio Prints is the store for you! Their game posters are minimalist and inexpensive and they have a wide selection to choose from! From The Last of Us to Mortal Kombat, you’ll find yourself purchasing a whole collection in no time! 

20. Grand Theft Auto Keyring

Source: Etsy.com

Despite being released seven years ago, Grand Theft Auto 5 is incredibly popular in 2020. Though you might not be driving a lamborghini in real life, you can still freshen up your car keys with this incredible hand-made keyring from Etsy!

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