Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting

Standard Features For All Budget Minecraft Plans Include:
  • 5GB Disk Space (Upgradeable)
  • Unlimited Player Slots
  • Mod Support (Tekkit, Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, etc.)
  • Plugin Support (CraftBukkit, Spigot etc.)
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Intel Xeon Processors
  • 1000Mbit Port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Basic Support Included
  • Hardware DDoS Protection
  • Multicraft Game Panel
  • 4GB+ plans recommended for mod packs
  • Full FTP Access included
  • Free Subdomain
  • Free MySQL Database

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BeastNode's budget Minecraft hosting plans are for those who want a cheap, premium quality Minecraft server! We understand that hosting can be quite expensive and take up a good amount of your time. We wanted to provide cheap Minecraft hosting plans that do not skimp on features. If you are looking for a budget Minecraft server, BeastNode can deliver. Learn more about our cheap Minecraft server hosting plans below:

Just like our premium packages, these budget Minecraft servers run on enterprise-grade Intel Xeon CPUs and super fast SSDs, ensuring amazing performance even at a low price! All of our budget Minecraft server plans support vanilla Minecraft, Bukkit/Spigot, mods, mod packs, and plugins just like our premium plans, so your server will have all the features needed to be super fun without running out of steam.


Instant Server Setup

Servers are automated and setup within minutes at their target location after orders are processed

Multicraft for Server Management

Manage multiple Minecraft servers with the ability edit and upload files, stop/start along with custom JAR file support

Easily Install Popular Mod Packs

Enjoy the convenience of automatically installing popular mod packs with just a few clicks - or install your own!

Intel Xeon CPUs & Solid State Drives

All of our Minecraft servers are powered by Intel Xeon CPUs with solid state drives for maximum processing and I/O

Premium Bandwidth & Gigabit Link

Each Minecraft node comes with a gigabit connection and premium bandwidth providers to keep latency low with output high

BeastNode vs. Minecraft Realms

Tired of all the limitations from Realms? You'll get all of the great features available such as plugins and mods and none of the limits from Realms - all at a cheaper price!

99.9% Hardware & Network Uptime

Node hardware and network are built around redundancy to guarantee maximium uptime for your Minecraft server

Money Back Guarantee

If our Minecraft server hosting packages ordered are not as expected, take advantage of the 5-day money back guarantee on all plans

Advanced DDoS Protection

Full DDoS protection and mitigation is included on all packages to minimize any downtime and maximize uptime

Additional Included Features

  • Install mods and mod packs. Run Tekkit, Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, and various other mod packs. Even install individual mods if desired!
  • Want to use the latest plugins? Select from CraftBukkit or Spigot server JAR types and install any of the thousands of available plugins to enhance your server!
  • Full FTP access is included with all Minecraft server hosting packages, allowing you to upload (maps/worlds, configs, etc), download, and edit your server files.
  • Multiple locations available: Chicago, IL (great for west-east US, Canada, and parts of Europe - one of our most central and globally optimized locations as it provides decent latency to most populated areas of the world), Phoenix, AZ (great for west US, South America, parts of Asian and Australia), Amsterdam, Netherlands (great for the UK, Germany, most of Europe).

Budget vs Premium Minecraft Hosting Plans

Budget Premium
Tech Support Basic (guidance, general questions, etc) Full Technical Support
Disk Space 5GB (Additional fee for more) Unlimited*
Default Port (25565) Optional Optional
Subdomain Included FREE Included FREE
Storage Type Enterprise Solid State Drives Enterprise Solid State Drives
Performance Optimized Maximized

*[Disclaimer] Due to the nature of Minecraft and the use of plugins/mods, there can be performance impacts and bugs that will cause problems such as chunk corruption/world data loss, lag, and errors that can cause other issues. These types of issues are out of our control and are therefore, not the result of our server hardware or network.

*Disk space limit starts at 5GB for premium plans. Additional free disk space can be requested with justification per the Terms of Service. Based on our testing, the majority of servers will never use up 5GB of space.