BeastNode Overview

We are a legally licensed and registered company originating in Irvine, California (US). Our team is a culmination of young and dedicated professionals with a mission to provide the best quality service possible. Everyone on staff are goal-oriented individuals driven to innovate and better the customer experience on a daily basis. As internet users ourselves, we can relate to our clients and provide what is necessary to give the greatest possible experience. We are re-shaping the hosting industry by providing quality hardware, network, and reliability without the hefty price tag. By effectively pricing our products, anyone can have their own Minecraft server or Virtual Server without worrying about high monthly payments. We are not here to make a premium off your dollar, but to build and provide an enjoyable hosting experience for each and every user. Give our beastly servers a try today!

We What We Do


We truly and thoroughly enjoy what we provide and our services reflect that in every way

Customer Service

Our friendly staff are dedicated in helping the consumer around the clock - no matter the situation


No corners are ever cut or shaved to provide the best hardware, network and reliability to yield the best results


Our company and its staff are dedicated to provide top notch service with honesty and positive morals


We are always developing new methods to make our services easier to use, more affordable and better overall

Safety & Security

The safety of our customers is priority, which is why we constantly secure, update and monitor for malicious activity

Meet the team

Elliot M.
Operations Director
Justin N.
Brian N.
Technology Director
Bennett V.
Product Director