Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Setup

We strive to provide quick service at BeastNode, and that extends into our setup times. Minecraft servers and Virtual Private Servers will be setup within seconds of successful payment processing.

99.9% Uptime

We stand by our uptime and guarantee it. If we fail to provide 99.9% uptime or better due to unexpected outages (scheduled maintenance and null routes do not fall under this guarantee), we'll credit your account for 2x the time of the downtime based on the value of your server.

High Quality Hardware

All of our hardware is based on modern Intel SSD hard drives, Intel Xeon server grade processors, and other high grade components, ensuring long term reliability, stability, and performance.

Solid State Drives

Solid state drives provide a 20x speed boost over traditional hard drives (HDD) and provides an environment that can handle anything you throw at it. It's why we use SSDs exclusively for our Minecraft hosting service.

Gigabit Connection

We utilize nothing less than a gigabit network connection ensuring that you get the maxmium bandwidth pipe to handle any amount of Minecraft players, website clients, and more.

Top Tier Network

We utilize premium bandwidth providers with low hops, allowing the fewest "hops" from one geographic location to another. This ensures that you have the best latency, response, and routing, no matter where you are connecting from.

Control Panels

We utilize the highly popular Multicraft control panel for our Minecraft service. As it is very familiar to most and is very simple to use, you'll be up an running with your server in no time with maximum control of your server as it also provides FTP access.
Our Virtual Private Servers come with the SolusVM control panel, which allows you you start/stop/reboot your server as well as reinstall/reformat your server with different Linux distributions.

Technical Support

With 24/7/365 technical support for Minecraft servers and semi-managed (network/hardware) support for our VPS service, you'll never be left in the dark when you need help. We're here with you every step of the way until we get the job done. With over 100,000 satisfied clients to date - we are known to provide the leading technical support of any host for no additional charge (you heard that right - our support is free).

High Quality without the Price

At BeastNode, we believe that premium quality services does not have to come at a premium price. Our services are all optimized to provide the best performance at the best prices, with the option to go to the top of the chain with a fully dedicated server if desired.


Minecraft is "lego block" style game that has unlimited creative potential. The entire randomly generated worlds of Minecraft consist mainly of blocks that can be used to build anything your imagination can come up. At night, monsters will come out and pose a threat to you, so you must utilize your creativity to build a shelter and craft your own weapons! The only limit to how you play the game is your imagination as building a shelter is just the beginning!

Minecraft Servers

Minecraft servers allow you to play with your friends and make new friends in the process as well! With a Minecraft server, you and your friends can play along in the same world, allowing collaboration in building and adventuring within the realm of Minecraft. With plugin and mod support, you can further change how the game server functions and modify it to your liking, whether it be to add new types of blocks or monsters to adding an entire economy and hub mini game system.

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Cloud VPS allows for on-demand scaling for whatever your needs are with near instant deployment of new instances. A cloud VPS is simply put, a "mini shared dedicated server" which provides you with the control of a dedicated server without the huge expense of owning one. Our cloud VPS are configured with performance and reliability in mind, so you can rest assured that your business is safe in our cloud.

Dedicated Servers

For our most hardcore customers, we provide dedicated servers with server grade hardware to give you the freedom to achieve your goals whether it be for a Minecraft server, Steam game server, business website, or just about anything you can think of using your server for!

DDoS Protection

DDoS (short for Distributed Denial of Service) protection provides your server (Minecraft, VPS, dedicated) with an extra layer of protection in the form of automatic mitigation of various network attacks to your server, ensuring further maximized uptime. With today's ever increasing malicious traffic, DDoS protection is offered standard on all of our services to ensure you have the smoothest experience possible.