BeastNode is a premium Minecraft server provider which has expanded its operations to provide you with competitively priced and best quality Minecraft servers, Virtual Private Servers, web hosting, and dedicated servers. As one of the oldest and leading providers of top notch quality Minecraft servers around, we strive to provide the best services at a price that won’t be too heavy on the pocket. With locations in both Europe and the United States of America, our beastly platform is designed to provide powerful servers hosted on premium network and hardware without a huge price tag.

Our motto has always been to provide a high performance, premium, and reliable service with top notch quality features while keeping prices low. People often get confused when they see a low priced alternative and quickly correlate it with poor performance. This belief is negated by us. Our low prices are a result of years of experience and in no way does it indicate poor quality. Not all hosts are created equal though. In many cases, there are inexpensive hosts that do not offer the same quality and support that we do and do not have the long running track record that we have. Our pricing model has been honed over many years to offer the best support and performance possible – not to be the absolute cheapest around with the lowest quality.

At BeastNode, we believe that a premium quality service doesn’t have to come at a premium price. Our services are all enhanced and improved to provide the best possible performance at the best possible prices, with the option of going to the top of the chain with an entirely dedicated server if desired. Apart from the superior quality of our servers, the costs also indicate the hard work of our technicians and professionals in designing such an infrastructure. If the services ordered are not as per the client’s expectations, we offer a 5 day money back guarantee.