Gigabit Connection

The speed of your internet network affects almost all devices on your home network. For most internet networks, the speed of a faster Ethernet connection is roughly 12.5 megabytes per second. That may be okay if you are transferring ordinary files, but it is painfully slow if you are trying to stream a high-definition movie to your living room. The solution? Update to a gigabit connection. We utilize nothing less than a gigabit network connection ensuring that you get the maximum bandwidth pipe to handle any amount of Minecraft players, website clients, and much more.

Switching over to a gigabit connection (1000-Mbps) speeds up your potential throughput tenfold, which greatly enhances your ability to stream high definition and high bandwidth files, and minimizes your transfer times without any interferences.

If you have multiple users accessing the same network device, a gigabit connection will provide more total bandwidth to go around, which should result in better overall performance and less congestion.

Gigabit connections are durable for extremely challenging conditions that often require reliable performance with demanding temperature ranges.

BeastNode offers gigabit connections at an unmatched value. Watch your company improve tremendously with true security and reliability. Reap the following benefits of BeastNode’s gigabit connection:

  • Increased bandwidth for superior performance
  • Broad deployment capabilities without the need of reconfigurations
  • Low cost of purchase and ownership
  • Improve the work capabilities of your business.
  • Increase the uptime of your network when you use gigabit connections
  • Increase the profitability of your businesses
  • Finish your projects speedily and always on time