Instant Setup

With our automated infrastructure, we are one of the top providers to offer reliable instant setup for all customers. We deploy in seconds to setup your servers after successful payment. Experience our reliable and quick dedicated service in just three easy steps:

  • Place your order, choosing the package that fits your requirements perfectly.
  • Confirm your order by signing up or logging into your account.
  • Confirm the payment and then submit it to us.

Your order will become active upon payment and will automatically setup your server within seconds. Don’t believe us? Try us now by placing an order and taking advantage of our reliable services ranging from Minecraft to Virtual Private Servers. BeastNode has by far, exceeded the expectations of all its customers in terms of their instant setup in addition to their phenomenal support and great pricing. When you complete the order, just sit back and wait for your service activation email. All of BeastNode’s servers are built on business-class hardware and technologies. We assure the peak performance of our provided servers. We have Minecraft hosting down to a science. Setting up takes as little as 60 seconds after you pay. Save money and time with our instant service setup.