Intel Xeon CPUs and RAID-10 Drives

Our VPS hosting service offers exceptional value, performance, dependability, and storage space for your money. With nothing other than the top of the line Intel Xeon processors and Western Digital enterprise-grade hard drives in a RAID-10 configuration, you can rest assured that it can tackle any project you throw at it.

As a result of using enterprise grade HDDs over SSDs, disk space will no longer be a problem for you. Moreover, the RAID-10 configuration of the drives will ensure that you can get pretty darn close to SSD performance - without the high cost. This ensures that our virtual private servers are available at the best price and performance possible, without breaking the bank.

With nothing less than enterprise grade hardware and top tier networks used in our data centers, you can rest assured that reliability and dependability are just as important as high performance - all at affordable prices.