Intel Xeon CPUs and Solid State Drives

All of the servers used for Minecraft are powered by Intel Xeon CPU’s making the system up to 80% more efficient and fast than previous generations. In addition, a range of security features protect against data theft. The Intel Xeon chips promise multiple CPU cores on an extra proficient 32nm architecture. Therefore, the system is packed with more cores and produces significantly more processing power as compared to past generation CPU’s.

Another benefit that the Xeon processors will add to your Minecraft experience is that the system supports ECC memory. This provides greater protection against any memory errors and is also needed for systems where reliability and uptime is key.

Apart from utilizing Intel Xeon CPUs, our servers also have solid state drives which allows for greater read/write power and maximum processing. A Solid state disk is a storage device which stores persistent data on a solid state flash memory.

As compared to other storage disks, these drivers have lower access time, less latency, run silently, and also are resistant to physical shock.

Moreover, they also employ other power sources to maintain data in case of power loss; therefore, these solid state drivers do not need power to retain data. That is one of the best features of these drivers. They are quieter and speedier than other drivers and require no moving parts. A home computer equipped with solid state drivers boots within seconds and therefore launches applications like Minecraft within seconds.