Monster Machines

All of the server nodes of BeastNode utilize the latest Intel Xeon CPUs to handle any process-hungry services. The Intel Xeon chips deliver up to 6 CPU cores on the extra efficient 32nm architecture. The Intel Xeon CPU's are more energy efficient, and pack more cores into a single processor.
Here are some benefits Intel Xeon CPU’s offer you:

1. Hyper-threading.
There are a total of 4-6 cores and with Intel's hyper-threading technology, each of the core is virtualized into two processors, thereby creating a 8-12-core processor. Using software that is optimized to utilize more than one processor cores, and several threads within processor cores, can produce considerably more processing power than the CPU’s of past generation.

2. Electricity
Apart from squeezing multiple cores into a single processor unit, this technology also continues to improve the energy efficiency of your CPU. It is also able to bring out more computing power while taking up less electric power thereby cutting down on energy costs considerably and making us greener and friendlier to the environment.

3. Cooling
Being more energy efficient also means that the CPU produces less heat and less heat in the processor means less needs of cooling. Keeping the main data center or processor cool requires a significant amount of power, so lower cooling needs also means lower energy usage.

4. Security
One of the most important and most ignored features of this CPU is the new instruction set which is optimized to improve and develop encryption performance. This means faster encryption and secured data moving through virtual environments.

5. Longevity
This CPU is well qualified to handle more intensive and heavier loads day in and day out. This can translate into better longevity over other types of processors.