Multicraft Panel for Minecraft Server Management

Our Minecraft service comes equipped with the Multicraft control panel to completely monitor, manage, and control the server.

The Multicraft control panel has a unique, powerful, easy to use, and clean web-based interface which supports you in managing every aspect of your Minecraft servers, 24/7.

With an easy to navigate system, you’ll be able to manage your server files via the web file management system or directly with FTP access. Editing config files can also be done easily through the config file editor – which allows you to skip using FTP or the web file manager completely to make quick config edits. You can also create and delete your MySQL database via this control panel. The BukGet feature allows you to search for and install most plugins available on the web from a safe repository with just a single click – making it easy for beginners to get started with plugins. You can also create backups of your world through the Multicraft panel.

Multicraft also has a server console that is easy to read and allows you to check on your server status, read server messages, run commands, and troubleshoot errors as well. It also comes with a scheduled tasks feature that allows you to schedule tasks such as running commands, restarting your server, and many more as it is fully customizable to run what you need. You can also add sub users to manage your server if you wish to share your account.