Top-Tier Networks

With the new digital era come different requirements for business including download speed and high uploads over a secure and reliable connection, which ensures connectivity from any point on Earth. If a home broadband connection does not satisfy your demands any longer, BeastNode offers you the basic pre-requisites for an organization of any size, including a high speed and stable connection that is needed for all critical functions.

BeastNode provides a top tier network whereby all nodes are connected to a premium tier 1 bandwidth provider to provide the best response, latency and routing. Low “hop” rate form one geographic location to other means that you get the best service no matter what your location of connection. The performance of the network is top class with almost negligible glitches, which ensures the most successful data transfer through any given communication link.

Providing a top notch quality performance through the Internet connectivity is our top most priority. Our collective connectivity reaches an amazing 8,500+ networks, with just a single network away from our own uplink.

BeastNode service provides a direct connection with a completely dedicated bandwidth from Tier-1 and top content providers reaching as far as The Asia Pacific, China, US, and Europe by the shortest path possible. The reserved one on one overseas bandwidth provision ratio also guarantees a stable and high-speed internet connection. The dual path fibre connection allows us to achieve redundancy so as to ensure service continually and avoid any point of failure. Also bandwidth adjustment allows us to match to ever-changing needs of your business. The low concentration ratio also eliminates or considerably reduces instances of jitter and data loss.