99.9% Uptime

With 99.9% uptime at BeastNode, we make your dreams a reality. We offer reliable, safe and fast Minecraft, VPS, and web hosting at affordable rates. Need 99.9% uptime and full guarantee for your servers? We offer you the complete peace of mind for your Minecraft, web, and virtual hosting needs.

We provide our customers the best experience possible and this is all we do! For all our customers in search of great uptime, we focus on making sure that is exactly what we provide. Many companies claim to provide 100% uptime without the right technology and staff to actually achieve it. However, we can confidently and honestly claim that our company provides 99.9% uptime backed by the top-class technology, hardware and software to achieve it. We guarantee to credit our customers account with two times greater the time of the downtime, in case we fail to provide 99.9% or better uptime to our customers, based on the value of our server.

We invite you to browse through our website at BeastNode.com and learn more about our guarantee and uptime services and see what sets us apart from other companies. In addition, feel free to contact us any time to find out how you can attain 99.9 % uptime from us. We assure the top performance of your hardware in a given time frame, excluding scheduled maintenance. BeastNode’s automated infrastructure and superior technology is what that enables it to provide great uptime to all its clients.

We understand that dedicated servers and web hosting uptime is very important to your business, it is, hence vital for our business too. Whether you are looking forward to Minecraft hosting or trying to take your business to the next level, server downtime can definitely lead spell disaster for your business. The truth is, not all companies provide uptime guarantees, like we do. Dig deeper into our site and you’ll see that we guarantee the uptime of all our services.