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    Its been nice but I gotta go

    Hi. ill def come back at better times but can anyone tell me how to cancel my account?
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    Trees and growth

    Thank you!
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    Rebooting server daily

    Super cool. THanks!
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    When does 1.14 roll out to spigot

    Hi there's lots of cool new items and STAIRS that I really want to build with. Does anyone know when thats coming?
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    Rebooting server daily

    Hi, do you guys know if there's a way to kick-off a reboot every day? I see that when there's a lot of activity and the server hasn't been rebooted in a few days, I start getting that see-thru chunks thing. Basically, it never draws some of the chuinks and I can see my far-away mineshafts...
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    Trees and growth

    SO I come back to my server after 20 hours and the stupid trees haven't grown in my tree farm. The farm is organized as required. Are grow ticks not accumulated while there are 0 users on the server>???
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    Map Size

    HI, If I teleport to 10000, 100, 10000 is there some sort of extrac memory requirement OR disk requirement for using map space in that region? Or is space calcualted by area_covered? Basically, I want to go to a coordinate that players will never get to but I'm worried about inflating the map...
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    Map is boring - Is there a trick to generating interesting maps?

    OK I really appreciate that. I will try to import from PC via FTP given this advice!!
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    Map is boring - Is there a trick to generating interesting maps?

    I've used people's seeds before, I've used map generators. But I've always done it my personal computer... not a map already on a server. The map I have is just... kinda flat and boring. I guess I'd like more variation of the terrain features. I love having both large rather flat areas AND...