Accessing your VPS Server using SFTP (Secure FTP)

How to access your VPS via SFTP.

  1. Richard_BN
    There are two ways to access your VPS files - SFTP or via SSH commands. SSH commands are for more advanced users and typically isn't as useful in some cases as SFTP, so we'll be going over how to use SFTP in this guide.

    Most FTP programs are also SFTP programs, but for this guide we'll be using FileZilla for it.

    You can download FileZilla here: (download the client)

    1. First, install FileZilla to your computer and start it up once completed.

    2. With the program open, you will see text boxes along the top: Host - Username - Password - Port

    3. You will want to fill those out accordingly:
    Host - the IP to your server
    Username - usually "root" (same as what you would use to SSH into the VPS)
    Password - the password for the username you entered (same with what you would use to login to SSH)
    Port - 22 (same as what you would use for SSH - notice the trend so far?)

    4. Hit "Quickconnnect" and you should be logged in.