Billing Sub-User

How to add a sub-user to your BeastNode billing account.

  1. Richard_BN
    With our billing system, you will be able to assign sub-users to your account to manage certain billing properties. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Login to the billing portal at
    2. Hover over the "Account" navigation option and select "Contacts/Sub Accounts"
    3. Once in the sub accounts page, simply fill in the user details as desired and make sure to check the "Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access" to allow them access to the billing features.
    4. After you check that box, you should see a list of checkboxes come up that allows you to choose what part of the billing system you want to give them access to (such as the ability to view and pay invoices, send support tickets, etc).