How to Optimize Performance using Spigot or PaperSpigot

Improving general server performance using Spigot or PaperSpigot

  1. Richard_BN
    ***Please note that this guide was written and posted by frash23 on the SpigotMC forums - any credit/appreciation, or suggestions on alterations etc... should be made on their original post found HERE -- The section on Java & Launch flags has been removed from this post as this is handled on our end***

    Last updated 2016-04-04

    Spigot has a lot of performance improvements disabled by default, as they often alter the server so it no longer replicates vanilla behaviour. This guide is supposed to help you tweak the settings for optimal performance while understanding what you are actually changing. If you do not understand a setting frash mentions here, don't change it. If you are curious, reply to the thread (make sure to @tag frash23) and ask what it does. If you are still having issues with performance, take timings (2-5 minutes) and reply here, or make a new thread on the SpigotMC forums.

    Frash lists all the config values you can consider tuning to improve performance while doing his best to explain what the setting does and when you do/don't want to change it.

    The guide is currently written for 1.9. Most options appear in 1.8 as well. If they don't, just go to the next option.

    1. paper.yml

    You will need Paper/PaperSpigot, a fork of Spigot, to have this file available.

    Default: false
    Suggested: true

    Default: 1
    Suggested: 2 - 3

    Default: false
    Suggested: true

    Default: false
    Suggested: true

    Default: 1
    Suggested: 3 - 4

    Default: false
    Suggested: true

    Default: true
    Suggested: false


    Default: 1
    Suggested: 2 - 4

    2. spigot.yml

    Default: false
    Suggested: true

    Default: 4
    Suggested: 3

    Default: animals:32, monsters:32, misc:16
    Suggested: animals:6, monsters:16, misc:2

    hopper-transfer, hopper-check, hopper-amount
    Default: transfer:8, check:8, amount:1
    Suggested: transfer:24, check:24, amount:3

    Default: 8
    Suggested: 1 - 2

    Default: item:2.5, exp:3.0
    Suggested: item:3.5, exp:6.0

    Default: 10
    Suggested: 3 - 5

    3. bukkit.yml

    Default: monsters:70, animals:15, water-animals:5, ambient:15
    Suggested: monsters:50, animals:10, water-animals:3, ambient:4

    Default: period-in-ticks:600, load-threshold:0
    Suggested: period-in-ticks:300, load-threshold:300
    Default: 1
    Suggested: 2 - 5


    Default: 256
    Suggested (standalone server): 512
    Suggested (behind local Waterfall/BungeeCord): -1