Recommended RAM/Memory for 1-click Install Options

Recommended RAM/Memory for 1-click Install Options

  1. Richard_BN
    Not having enough RAM for what you are running on the server can cause a number of problems - it can stop the server loading at all, cause crashes during gameplay as your server peaks over it's limits, or can cause poor server performance if the free RAM is low but not hitting it's limits at peak server usage times. This guide aims to help give a rough idea on the amount of RAM different options on our 1-click installation list are recommended, and a rough idea for custom modpack installations you may wish to use.

    Note that this will never be 100% accurate - there is no simple 'this kind of server will need X amount of RAM', as no two servers even on the exact same server setup will have the same requirements.
    The recommended amount of RAM is a rough guideline for a new installation of the listed options for a small group of players - the more players you have, and the longer the server is active/more the
    world is explored and built in the more RAM it may require. You can upgrade the package to increase the RAM allocation at any time as and when needed, or can simply just start off with a higher amount of RAM than is recommended to not need to worry about this as much.

    Having less than the recommended amount of RAM for what you will be running on the server will increase the likelihood of issues on the server, but this is just a guideline - the server may run on slightly less than the recommended to a degree. For example if the modpack you wish to use is recommended 4GB+ RAM by default then it may also run okay on 3GB for a few players/a private server as a starting point. The lower the RAM goes from the recommended however the higher the likelihood of it having lag or crash issues, or simply not being able to load at all (so a modpack recommended to have 4GB+ RAM to run on shouldn't be set up on 1GB or less RAM as an example).

    Rough recommended RAM allocations for the modpack options on our 1-click install list

    Possibly okay on 512MB:
    - Technic - TekkitClassic
    - Technic - TekkitLite

    Recommended 1GB or more RAM:
    - FTB - Ultimate
    - Technic - Attack of the B Team
    - Technic - Hexxit
    - Technic - Tekkit
    - Technic - Voltz

    Recommended 2GB or more RAM:
    - AT - CrundeeCraft
    - AT - HermitCraft Modsauce 2
    - AT - Revenge of the C Team
    - AT - The Golden Cobblestone
    - AT - The MadPack
    - AT - TrollCraft
    - FTB - CrackPack
    - FTB - Departed
    - FTB - Direwolf20-1.7.10
    - Curse - Agrarian Skies 2
    - Technic - TekkitLegends

    Recommended 3GB or more RAM:
    - Curse - Farming Valley
    - FTB - Infinity Evolved
    - FTB - Infinity Evolved: Skyblock
    - FTB - Ultimate Reloaded
    - Technic - The Classic Pack

    Recommended 4GB or more RAM:
    - AT - Caved IN
    - AT - DNS Techpack
    - AT - Resonant Rise 4 - Base Install
    - Curse - All the Mods 3
    - Curse - CrackPack 3
    - Curse - Engineer's Life
    - Curse - Project Ozone 2: Reloaded
    - Curse - Rebirth of the Night
    - Curse - Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
    - Curse - SevTech: Ages
    - Curse - Sky Factory 4
    - FTB - Academy
    - FTB - Beyond
    - FTB - Builder's Paradise
    - FTB - HermitPack
    - FTB - Horizons 3
    - FTB - Omnia
    - FTB - SkyAdventure
    - FTB - Sky Factory 3
    - FTB - Sky Odyssey
    - Technic - The 1.7.10 Pack
    - Technic - Tekxit 3
    - Pixelmon Reforged
    - PixelmonGenerations

    Recommended 5GB or more RAM:
    - FTB - Direwolf20-1.12.2**
    - FTB - Interactions
    - FTB - StoneBlock 2
    - Curse - All the Mods 4**
    - Curse - All the Mods 5**
    - Curse - StoneBlock
    - Technic - The 1.12.2 Pack

    Recommended 6GB+ RAM:
    - AT - A Bit of Everything**
    - FTB - Revelation**
    - Curse - All the Mods 3**
    - Curse - Enigmatica 2
    - Curse - FoolCraft 3**

    **These options may run on less than the listed RAM, but none would be recommended to be set up on less than 4GB of RAM regardless. These are packs that have been reported as overloading fairly easily on 4/5GB of RAM, but this may be an issue with the worlds on these setups themselves (although even if this is the case, still likely cause by the mods in these packs) so we are not 100% sure on this and this is a recommendation to be safe and have less chance for issues.

    Note that these are only a recommendation for a new installation of the modpack itself, as stated above - this does not factor in additions such as modifying the server to allow for Bukkit/Spigot or Sponge plugins, or in the long term when the world is more explored and built in which may require more RAM.

    For Spigot/CraftBukkit/PaperSpigot servers the recommended RAM allocation varies considerably depending specifically on what you set up on the server - as such nobody can really say 'you need X amount of RAM for your server' when using these versions, it's not something you can be sure of until the server is actively set up and running (for example you may wish to set up a 'Factions server' - but no two 'Factions servers' use the same plugins, same amount of worlds or number of players etc... so there is no recommended amount of RAM for a 'Factions server').
    The only rough base RAM recommendation we can really give is that 1.13.2+ servers are not recommended less than 2GB of RAM, regardless of how many plugins you use.

    Vanilla servers are generally okay on the smaller amounts of RAM. Depending on the amount of players you have, and how large the world you are using gets, you should be fine in the 512MB to 2GB range on Vanilla 1.12.2 and older (1GB being the general recommendation). Vanilla 1.13.2+ is again recommended at least 2GB+ RAM (and in general, Vanilla 1.13.2 and 1.14.4 are unstable and will have performance issues regardless of RAM allocation - however not having enough RAM will make the issues worse).

    BungeeCord servers - specifically the BungeeCord proxy server, the other servers in the network depend on what is running on them themselves - are recommended 512MB+. How much you will need on it depends mostly on the number of players using the network as the proxy handles their connections across the entire network, and whether you run plugins on the proxy itself.

    Custom Forge/Modpack installations

    When installing a custom pre-made modpack a general rule of thumb we recommend following is 1GB+ for Forge 1.6.4 and older modpacks, 2GB+ RAM for Forge 1.7.10-1.9.4 modpacks and 4GB+ RAM for Forge 1.10.2 and newer modpacks. The servers actual usage will obviously vary depending on the modpack itself (for example the largest of 1.7.10 modpacks will likely still struggle on 2GB of RAM, and some older modpacks such as FTB Horizons are recommended more than the general rule of thumb would suggest) but this is the rough guideline we recommend as a starting point, and again you can upgrade the service at any time to increase the RAM allocation if necessary.

    If you are installing your own selection of mods things become a lot harder to judge and recommend how much RAM you may need. We would not recommend less than 1GB of RAM in general but some individual mods are quite light and will run fine on 512MB. The above rule of thumb for the Forge version can still be used in general however.
    Note that some individual mods will be far more RAM heavy than others. Pixelmon for example (and any continuations of this since the original was shut down) follow the same recommendations as a full modpack - if they are for Forge 1.10.2 or newer they are recommended 4GB+ RAM by themselves.

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