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Server Billing and Suspension/Termination Policies

The main reason a server will be suspended or terminated is if your bill is overdue on payment.

All bill dates, regardless of the billing cycle or payment method used, will have an invoice issued 10 days before the bill date to allow for early payments to be made**. If payment has not been received by the 4th day past the bill date the service will be suspended and made inaccessible, and a 10% late fee will be added to the invoice.

If payment is not received in full before the 10th day past the bill date the service will be terminated and removed from the system - files included shortly after. If you are not going to be able to make payment before the 10th day past the bill date please let us know via the support tickets as soon as you know so that we can either put a small delay on the termination so payment can be made, or so that the suspension can be lifted and files downloaded before the termination runs.

**Please note that if you are using PayPal Subscribe for automatic payments on PayPals end that they will still send out the normal payment regardless of whether you pay the invoice early or not. If you are using PayPal Subscribe please do not pay the invoice manually unless the automatic payments are not working.
The same applies if you cancel the service - the automatic payments must also be cancelled on PayPals end or they will continue to send the payments out regardless.

If your service has been suspended and the bill is not overdue then you should have been sent an email/a ticket will have been opened regarding why - please respond/contact us ASAP in regards to this.
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