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  1. Verum

    Why use BeastNode for web hosting and not others?

    Curious if you guys can give me some more information on why I should pick BeastNode for hosting my website rather than some other more popular options, while I'm more than satisfied with my Minecraft server hosting, I have no reference on the web hosting offered. Going off comparison the...
  2. Verum

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new years!

    Hope everyone at BeastNode had a great Christmas and you're now resting ready for that new years party! Thank you for all your hard work this past year keeping all our servers running as smoothly as they could and I look forward to the year ahead. BeastNode has always been that one underrated...
  3. Verum

    Website Upgrade/Downgrade - Messy

    I recently went to downgrade one of my plans and I noticed the Upgrade/Downgrade section to be very messy since the introduction of the Budget plans, now I know the list is based on price but I think it would be tidier and easier to understand if it was split into two sections, one for budget...
  4. Verum

    Pokemon GO - Killer of server productivity

    So who else here has found themselves spending a little too much time on Pokemon GO instead of working on their servers? Yesterday I was out catching pokemon for about 7 hours in total with my trusty battery pack to charge my phone on the go but hey I'm not the only one, my player numbers have...
  5. Verum

    MCB - 2 Year Anniversary

    So today my server turns 2, I've run this small community for a long time now and started it back in 1.7 and oh my has it changed since then, when it started I had a co-owner who helped me split the costs of running a new server and handled the on server tasks while I learnt and developed my...
  6. Verum

    General Affiliate Program

    Just an idea to add it so our affiliate link (or a code) gives the person X amount off for the first month or lifetime, this way it's more of an incentive for people to post their affiliate link on social media and youtube/twitch. Currently I find no one is interested due to fact it's just...
  7. Verum

    Faction Wars - Holy Vs Unholy

    Just want to share a teaser video I got made for an upcoming server I'm releasing, love how this turned out :)
  8. Verum

    Misc. Monthly Performance Reports

    It'd be nice if BeastNode could provide monthly performance reports on our servers, such as average ram usage, max ram usage, downtime, Disc space increase and various other statistics you feel comfortable providing. This way we can make decisions on if we'd like to increase/decrease our plan...
  9. Verum

    Misc. Loyalty Program

    It would be nice for those of us who've been a customer with BeastNode for a decent amount of time to get some sort recognition for this: perhaps a special title on forums access to a discord or skype grout chat which has other loyal customers and the occasional staff visit when you guys have...
  10. Verum

    Richard's unloved ;)

    I love how under the members tab Richard_BN is top of every category except the staff members in which he comes last, don't worry Richard we love you <3
  11. Verum

    Query Downgrade - IP change

    Would be handy if you give a warning that my servers IP would change if I downgraded my server, need to make sure our domain is set-up accordingly when it happens. Just a suggestion to set up like an automatic email to warn people about this.