1. Richard_BN

    Important Minecraft 1.13+ Performance Issues

    Note - Due to these performance issues any new service is now set up with Spigot, not Vanilla, for the latest Minecraft release once Spigot is considered stable for that version. If you intend on running a "Vanilla" server, simply do not install plugins and it will run the same ingame as a...
  2. T

    SkyfallMC - Skyblock Server | Custom Enchants | Cluescrolls | Bosses | 1.15.x | COMING SOON!

    SERVER IP: skyfallmc.xyz SERVER STORE: http://store.skyfallmc.xyz/ DISCORD: http://discord.gg/4be4pt9 Note: The server is currently not open to the public for testing reasons, but will be open in the coming week so long as most bugs are reduced. Feel free to join the discord in the meantime...