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    ✮ PEGASUSCRAFT ✮ New Faction Server! ✮ [PVP/Kits/Ranks/Pets/Crates/Envoy] ✮[1.15.2] ✮

    Fresh new server is looking for new players! IP: play.pegasuscraft.com Why us? We have a lot of cool things, such as: Crates Awsome crates with awsome loot, there is Spawner, Kit, Rare, Epic, Legendary crates with awsome loot! Envoy Envoy happens every 2 hours in server, Envoy drops 5-7...
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    VastlyMc {Survival} {Faction} {Custom Worlds} {Custom Enchants} {Friendly Staff} {1.8 Faction}

    VastlyMc VastlyNetwork is a Faction and Survival server that is trying to become the new best server. Our Faction server has all the basic and custom plugins that makes it easy to start and grind to the top. We are going to have monthly maps with FTops rewards that will get better over time...
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    Molenation - 1.9.4 - Factions - Creative - Skyblock - The Walls

    IP: play.molenation.org Website URL: http://www.molenation.org/ Welcome to Molenation where you can play as you wish! Create factions, raise an army, and raid other people for all they are worth! The central hub currently has four portals with one fully functional one. The yellow portal leads...