1. S

    Performance Vanilla Network [semi vanilla] [vanilla] [pure vanilla] [creative] [hardcore]

    SqueejCraft.com is a performance-focused vanilla network featuring genre's such as Semi Vanilla, Pure Vanilla PvP, Vanilla PvE, Creative and Hardcore. All servers come standard with epic world borders, no build limits and vanilla game mechanics that are frequently rare in the multiplayer world...
  2. Diddscraft

    Diddscraft [SMP] {1.15.2}{Economy}{Ranks}{PlayerShops}{PvP}{PvE}{And More!}

    Diddscraft has now been open for just over a week now and has a wide range of players from all over the world! We currently have our Easter Egg hunt where mobs drop Easter Eggs and you can redeem them for rewards at /warp bunny! We also now have a donation page where you can buy server-wide...
  3. S

    SqueejCraft.com | a 24/7 semi-vanilla server

    SqueejCraft is a 24/7 redstone friendly, semi-vanilla PvE Minecraft server that launched September 2nd, 2019. Everyone is chill and mature, we are quick to address troll-like behavior. + Grief prevention - Phantoms + /TPA + /Home + Sleep + Anti-cheat IP: squeejcraft.com
  4. A

    ApexZombies [PvE] {Survival} {Anti-Grief} {1.13.2} {McMMO}

    Server Information Server Address/IP: play.ApexZombies.com Server Location: United Kingdom Difficulty: Normal Version: 1.13.2 About ApexZombies uuunnnnnhhhh *insert generic zombie noise here* - okay, we kid, our name may be ApexZombies but we're all alive here, we promise! AZ started as a...