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    << StaticPlay >> 1.15.2 FactionsPVP

    New Minecraft Server Looking for players to have an amazing journey! IP: Staticplay.beastmc.com Why us? We have a lot of cool things, such as: 1.8 PVP NO COOLDOWN This allows the no cooldown to be suspended in our server. We all hate that cooldown especially on axes and swords for pvp...
  2. B

    ✮ PEGASUSCRAFT ✮ New Faction Server! ✮ [PVP/Kits/Ranks/Pets/Crates/Envoy] ✮[1.15.2] ✮

    Fresh new server is looking for new players! IP: play.pegasuscraft.com Why us? We have a lot of cool things, such as: Crates Awsome crates with awsome loot, there is Spawner, Kit, Rare, Epic, Legendary crates with awsome loot! Envoy Envoy happens every 2 hours in server, Envoy drops 5-7...
  3. Kanixter

    Faction PVP Survival Server

    PVP FACTION SURVIVAL SERVER Fast New 32GB v1.13 setup Standard faction plugin with permissions set. /spawn and /sethome 5000x5000 Map Survival [World spans 2500 blocks from spawn] 100 Slot Anti-Cheat System [Nether and End enabled]