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  1. Richard_BN

    JAR List/1-Click Install Options

    This post will be kept updated with all of the current options we have available on our MultiCraft JAR list/1-click install list. If at any point you find one of these options missing or not working on your list, please submit a support ticket and let us know - we will get the option fixed as...
  2. Richard_BN

    General Information on JAR List/1-Click Install Updates and Changes

    The options that are available on your MultiCraft panels JAR list/1-Click Install list are updated regularly - The following are the general guidelines of when things will be updated on the jarlist, what it is likely to be added and what we are unlikely to add to the list. You will also find a...
  3. Richard_BN

    MultiCraft Important Change: Removal of the PermGen Jarlist Options!

    Due to all of our systems having now been updated to Java 8, there is no longer a need for there to be 'PermGen' options on the JAR list. Java 8 does not limit the PermGen and no servers should have any crashes due to this anymore! As such we have removed the PermGen options on the jarlist as...