1. Diddscraft

    Diddscraft [1.15.2] Economy Survival New With A Fast Growing Community!

    Diddscraft [1.15.2] Server IP: Discord: YouTube Trailer: We have by-weekly events! Diddscraft has a wide range of plugins to make normal survival a hell of a lot more fun! We have a great economy system that’s balanced for all...
  2. C


    so i have a new skylock server and it has shop pvp crates kits oreplant gen and much more to come check us out at discord is Website is
  3. B

    XeonCraft (Towny)(Mcmmo)(Ranks)(Economy)

    XeonCraft     A new survival minecraft experience with a mcmmo and economy grind! DISCORD: WEBSITE: XeonCraft is a brand new Economy Survival Minecraft server with the aim to add a little bit more of a grind to the...