1. T

    SkyfallMC - Skyblock Server | Custom Enchants | Cluescrolls | Bosses | 1.15.x | COMING SOON!

    SERVER IP: SERVER STORE: DISCORD: Note: The server is currently not open to the public for testing reasons, but will be open in the coming week so long as most bugs are reduced. Feel free to join the discord in the meantime...
  2. Meu94

    ✸✸✸ Vanilla Skyblock ✸✸✸ Tight-knit community, mini-games, original experience ✸✸✸

    Welcome to the official Vanilla Skyblock forum thread! IP: Discord: An example island made by one of our regular players, Xtepano We're a tight-knit community that is focused on bringing back the original skyblock experience: A very simple...
  3. HeavenlyZero

    1.15.1 ~NEW~ [Interstellar] Skyblock & AcidIsland *Ranks *Discord *PlayerShops

    Welcome To Interstellar Minecraft server hosted by apex hosting Description: Influenced by the love of Astronomy and the amazing feature film Interstellar (2014), this server was created for all those space loving fans as well as fans of an amazing SkyBlock...
  4. W

    Chomp Realms Minecraft Server [Small New Community]

    @==============================@ Chomp Realms Patch 3.4 Server Ip: [OFFICIAL] Version: 1.8 - 1.14 Status: 24/7 Online Server Feature: [HARDCORE Raiding System] Professional Server Purple Theme Op Faction [BETA] Skyblock [Mix Server OpFaction + Skyblock]...
  5. C


    so i have a new skylock server and it has shop pvp crates kits oreplant gen and much more to come check us out at discord is Website is
  6. C


    come check out my new skyblock server it is out it on 1.13.2 but you can also join with 1.14.4 it has alot of funn stuff to do like orecrops shop pvp crates and much more Server ip is Website is Discord is
  7. I

    Molenation - 1.9.4 - Factions - Creative - Skyblock - The Walls

    IP: Website URL: Welcome to Molenation where you can play as you wish! Create factions, raise an army, and raid other people for all they are worth! The central hub currently has four portals with one fully functional one. The yellow portal leads...
  8. J

    MineEarthSMP = Survival IConomy 1.9 Griefprevention & McMMO

    MinearthSMP is an original Survival and Economy-based server, We also offer Creative and Skyblock. We have mini-games such as Mob Arena, Spleef, TNTrun, Parkour, Survival Games, Paintball and more. We use plugins such as Skull Plugin, Disguises, Grief-prevention, WorldEdit (WE), Chestshops...
  9. S

    Mineland SkyBlock

    Hello! We open SkyBlock server where you can play with your friends. :) Island parties: You can create an island and then add your friends and surviving together. ;) SkyBlock quests: You can complete quest branches, for example "Farm". In this branch you will build all types of gardens! From...