✮ PEGASUSCRAFT ✮ New Faction Server! ✮ [PVP/Kits/Ranks/Pets/Crates/Envoy] ✮[1.15.2] ✮


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Apr 20, 2020
Fresh new server is looking for new players!
IP: play.pegasuscraft.com

Why us? We have a lot of cool things, such as:

Awsome crates with awsome loot, there is Spawner, Kit, Rare, Epic, Legendary crates with awsome loot!

Envoy happens every 2 hours in server, Envoy drops 5-7 crates in warzone, you can get ton of good stuff, custom set, and more!

Pets plugin allows you to buy different pets, you can put the in your inventory and they will fly with you! Every pet gives different abilities, such as:
Pet Gamer - Lets you see ores (mini wall hack)
Pet Unicorn - Allows fly for short time period
Pet Lion - Kills every mob in 5 block radiuss
There is 20 unique pets that you can use!
Auction Shop

Auction shop is place where you can put any items with your own prices and names, and rest of world can buy your items!

Votifier plugin allows you to vote for server, and get vote keys, some goodies and money!
Minable Spawners

You can mine every spawner with silk touch enchant, use it or sell it for other people!

Shop GUI allows you to open shop with command /shop, no more sign shops where you need to search for all things you need, now you can do it all with one simple command!
World Border

World Border allows us to set border, that players can only go so far, our border ir 10,000 blocks, and we will expand it more in future!
When coming online, server will ask you to register for security, that secures peoples for getting you account in server! You can do that by typing /register (password) (password)
Main languages - English/Latvian
Uptime - 24/7
Minecraft version - 1.15.2

Discord - https://discord.gg/NNb2Pxw
Server is based on PVP/FACTION, so get your friends, and come, show us who is best faction!​
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