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Apr 18, 2020

Welcome to the official Vanilla Skyblock forum thread!

IP: vanilla-skyblock.com

Discord: discord.gg/TY8thYp

An example island made by one of our regular players, Xtepanohttps://discord.gg/TY8thYp

We're a tight-knit community that is focused on bringing back the original skyblock experience:

  • A very simple skyblock starter island
  • Friendly, welcoming players
  • Great voting rewards
  • Player-run grass/emerald economy
  • Villager shops for trading resources
  • A completely fair, non pay-to-win environment
  • Permission to use colour codes on signs
  • Permission to use colour codes on items through anvils
  • Ability to mine spawners with silk touch
  • Various skyblock add-ons
    • Twerk for trees
    • Custom cobblestone generation
    • Island warps
    • & much more!
Our villager shops - trade the resources you make on your island for items not accessible on skyblock

Thanks for reading,