ApexZombies [PvE] {Survival} {Anti-Grief} {1.13.2} {McMMO}

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    Server Information

    • Server Address/IP: play.ApexZombies.com
    • Server Location: United Kingdom
    • Difficulty: Normal
    • Version: 1.13.2

    About ApexZombies
    uuunnnnnhhhh *insert generic zombie noise here* - okay, we kid, our name may be ApexZombies but we're all alive here, we promise! AZ started as a means to test plugins and has slowly evolved into something much more! We're a new server that opened a little over a week ago and we already have a small player base established. Our team is passionate and we will strive to give our players the best Minecraft experience possible - to help with this we have thoroughly tested and installed a variety of plugins that will enchance your gameplay (including McMMO, Jobs, Player Shops and some added cosmetics, like Trails and Gadgets). With a variety of both server and community warps and plenty of room for expansion, we'd love to have you come and check out the server. We hope to *eat your brains* see you there!



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