Aqua Realm Network - 1.8x - 1.14x ~ IN DEVELOPMENT - NEED PLAYERS + STAFF

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    Aqua Realm Network (Pre-Alpha)

    Hello! My name is Nxtify, the founder and current owner of Aqua Realm, a soon to be large and completely custom network. I am currently having issues finding dedicated staffing team and a solid playerbase to start my server. I am currently working as the only main Developer, so things are moving slow.

    I am here to ask you to join our discord server and help us grow! We are currently looking for all positions of staff, both discord and Minecraft (Java 1.8x-1.14.4x)
    We are accepting rank pre-orders for the factions server during Alpha launch!

    - All pre-ordered ranks get access to alpha factions.

    - These ranks are alpha exclusive and will get to keep their special rewards during full release (these ranks are not final and more will come out) anything purchased however, will remain on your account. Don't worry about losing your bells and whistles granted for being a donator ❤️ )

    - A list of items included at launch for pre-ordered ranks is available in our #buycraft channel in our discord server!

    Discord Server Information: Click Here to join our official Discord server!

    Bots: pokecord, idle miner, modulo, rythm... (more otw!)

    Donation Channel: #buycraft-link

    Global Text Channel: #global-chat

    Global Voice Channel: #Public Chat Room 1 - 3

    Listen to Music with Rythm in Music Channel

    Type in Rythm's commands in #music-commands with the prefix "!"

    Game Bots: #idle-miner and #pokecord

    Staffing and Partnerships(YT/TTV/Hosts/Discord/etc. Rank) applications: #❤partnership-applications❤ and #‼staff-application‼

    Notice: We are still in alpha development so nothing here is final, we still have lots of work to do and I have a lot planned for the server. Please be patient and trust me and the staffing team at Aqua Realm that we are doing our best to make sure this is the most satisfying and addicting MC server to ever exist!

    I plan on recruiting the most elite of staff and getting the server into motion! We are going to feature Anarchy, Survival, Factions, Prison, Skyblock, Mini Games, Creative, and more!

    Here are all staffing positions available-

    - Platforms Manager (1)

    - Developer (3)

    - Admin (1)

    - Moderator (1)

    - Helper (2)

    - Builder (3)

    - Discord Staff (3)

    - Alpha Tester (4)​

    Not only do we need to stay organized, but we also need to grow! We are looking for partners to join our server, as well as content creators, sponsors, and other partnership related activites!

    - Streaming (YouTube, Twitch, etc.)

    - Hosting (Still browsing extra options)

    - Partnerships

    - Sponsoring

    Donations are heavily needed right now as well, we are working from the ground up. All donations are 100% for the server's advantage.

    Add me on Discord as a friend! Nxtify#1404

    (we will be working on ways of pay in the future)


    Roman Donator Ranks-

    $10 - Praefecti
    $20 - Centurion
    $30 - Optio
    $40 - Signifer
    $60 - Praetorian Guard
    $120 - Consul
    $200 - Emperor
    $280 - Zeus
    - Aqua Realm has now officially opened it's Twitch and YouTube partnership programs! Fill out an application no matter the size of your channel to get free advertisement here! (Must stream/upload videos on Aqua Realm occasionally)
    - The @✔ Partner® rank is now officially available to those who have filled out a partnership application and have been accepted! This rank allows special access to recording rooms, you can choose your friends to drag in a call while recording/streaming
    - Partners are given rewards to give their viewers as giveaways!
    - Get special access to early builds of game-modes!
    - Receive special tags in game and a custom Prefix!
    - Cosmetic rewards available in game ===========================================================================================================
    * To fill out an application for the partnership program, please see #❤partnership-applications❤ *
    Please consider joining :grin:
    -Aqua Realm Administrative Team ===========================================================================================================

    - more ranks will come out once beta and the full release do, plus I plan on implementing new ranks every other season!

    - Nxtify (Founder/Owner/Developer of Aqua Realm)
    Thank you for taking time out of your day to read about my server, I'd appreciate if you join and check out our discord! I am currently working with my staff team around the clock to get this server out, and make it as fun and as addicting as possible!
    Farewell Traveler!

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