MultiCraft BukGet Project Shut Down - 1-Click Plugin Installation no longer available.


BeastNode Staff
Dec 18, 2015
The Realm of Obscurity.
We're really sorry to have to confirm it, after the feature has been down for a while already, but the one click plugin installation is no longer possible (with the majority of Minecraft hosts, including BeastNode) due to the shut down of the BukGet project.

BukGet was the underlying API that Minecraft hosters were using to offer the one click plugin installation feature, but with that project now gone, it is no longer possible with most hosts using that system. BeastNode has always tried to provide the best service to our customers, so we'll be researching new solutions to this issue of course, but we cannot give an ETA on when this would be added if at all.

In the meantime, please refer to our plugin installation guide to learn how to install your own plugins (this has always been the best method to install plugins despite how convenient BukGet was) or contact our support department for help installing them.

BukGet official shut down article: