Diddscraft [1.15.2] Economy Survival New With A Fast Growing Community!

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    Diddscraft [1.15.2]

    Server IP: Diddscraft.serverminer.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/TZqpVux

    YouTube Trailer:

    We have by-weekly events!

    Diddscraft has a wide range of plugins to make normal survival a hell of a lot more fun!

    We have a great economy system that’s balanced for all players.

    You can even create your own shop to sell items you collect!

    Our player base has grown quickly over the past 2 months of being open and there’s still plenty of room for new players!

    With Plugins such as:

    Custom Ranks
    Jobs & MCMMO
    Grief Prevention
    Mineable Spawners

    And so much more you’ll have the best survival experience around!

    Find normal survival easy? Come try out our Chaos World where PvP is on with no protection of builds, grief, loot and kill to survive!

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