Diddscraft [SMP] {1.15.2}{Economy}{Ranks}{PlayerShops}{PvP}{PvE}{And More!}


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Apr 12, 2020

Diddscraft has now been open for just over a week now and has a wide range of players from all over the world! We currently have our Easter Egg hunt where mobs drop Easter Eggs and you can redeem them for rewards at /warp bunny!
We also now have a donation page where you can buy server-wide perks, Pets & soon to come custom tags! There is so much more to come but our players love the server as it has constant updates to make survival more fun! So come join us!


Use our survival to experience Minecraft multiplayer in a completely new way, Kitted with land claims, home teleports and random tp's to get you off to an exciting start in your playthrough. You can start a village with some friends or be a lone wolf and go solo!


Enjoy our server's range of shops to stock up on in-game items to help you. From building blocks to pets, to brewing supplies, or even precious gems, why not make yourself some money by selling your items? You can make a player shop to sell your personal items and earn your way through the ranks.


Show your strength through our open PVP arena and fight others in the community. Shop for items to help aid in your fight, or even bring your own! Be careful with what you bring.. the items may be used against you!

Discord: https://discord.gg/TZqpVux
Server IP: Diddscraft.serverminer.com
We'll see you there!