DynastyCraft [SMP] {McMMO}{Lands}{Dragon Slayer}{economy}{1.16.4}


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Sep 3, 2019
DynastyCraft is a fun laid back community for a casual Minecrafter that may have some competitive nature but also doesn't actually care.

We feature the following...
  • Protected Land (Create a Land and expand to make a great nation!)
  • Ender Dragon Respawn (Beat the Dragon and get the Dragon Slayer title!)
  • Server Shop & Player ran auction house
  • Minions (Add a little automation to your money making)
  • BetterSleeping (Only 30% of the players must be sleeping for night to pass)
  • Tree Feller (Take out an entire tree by taking out one block with an axe)
  • ShopGUI (Server controller shop prices)
  • AuctionGUI (Player controller auction house)

What am I getting into?
Create a land all your own & conquer the world. Starting with a small plot of land, work your way up to becoming the leader of a great nation! Doesn't sound like something you want to do? Join an existing Land and contribute to it's expansion, and try to work your way up the ranks!

Lands is a survival+ server with influence from factions and towny.

Minecraft Server IP: lands.dynastycraft.net

Discord Community: https://discord.gg/xSWKCmXxye