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Dec 17, 2015
Members who do not abide by the rules outlined below will be subject to certain penalties - Including post removals/edits, warnings and messages from the staff and eventually temporary/permanent bans from the forums. All outlined terms are subject to change if and when new issues arise, meaning it is your responsibility to stay updated to avoid penalties and to keep the forums as clean and friendly as possible for those of all ages.

Please do:
  • Stay on topic for the post and keep posts in the correct sections.
  • Keep all content as minor-friendly (ie avoid swearing, adult topics etc...) as possible.
  • Be friendly towards all other members, even when you disagree on something.
  • Message staff directly if you have any issues, rather than cause conflict in the open.
  • Post about anything you wish to, as long as it is in the correct sections, and get some discussions going!

Please do not:
  • Advertise anything unrelated to BeastNode unless stated otherwise as acceptable (See 'Advertising' below).
  • Post Spam (See 'Spamming' below).
  • Disrespect other members in any way.
  • Backseat Moderate (See 'Moderation' below).
  • Post in threads created by spam bots.
    • Please report them and ignore.
  • Bump threads needlessly.
  • Double-post (use the edit button instead).
  • Post strange links of which we can't verify the safety.
  • Post any NSFW material/links.
  • Upload any material that is considered illegal.
  • Provoke/bait others into breaking any of the rules/guidelines.
  • Openly argue with other members, or staff - contact them via a private message.
    • We will ask you to take it to a private message if needed - ignoring this will result in warnings.
  • Post personal information. This includes but is not limited to names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, pictures, etc
  • Create irrelevant thread titles - keep them as relevant to the subject as possible.
    • We will just rename the thread if needed - this isn't a rule as such, just a general guideline!
  • Create alternate, backup, or multiple accounts. Accounts are meant to be one per-user.
    • There just isn't a need for multiple accounts on a forum. Doing this to get around any bans may result in an IP ban.
  • Publicly post or otherwise share Private Messages with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - private.

Spam bots will be permanently banned regardless, as expected.
In general, breaking any of the rules will result in a penalty of the offending post be edited/removed as needed, and messages/warnings sent to the relevant member so that they know why it was edited/removed.
Continued abuse of any of the guidelines/rules, and ignoring the messages/warnings received, may result in temporary or permanent bans but this is a last-report penalty for extreme cases (depending on the circumstances - for example continually bumping a post will not be treated anywhere near as severely as continuously being offensive to other members).

Any advertising of unrelated websites/products etc... will be removed and continued postings will result in a ban. Advertising your servers - whether BeastNode hosted or not, we do not mind - should be done in the relevant section of the forums (same for advertising any Minecraft related websites/server forums etc... that you own). Advertising other hosts (as in a post entirely for this purpose, not just discussing them in general) is also prohibited.

Penalty: Offending posts will be removed and warnings will be issued. Continuing to do so may result in a ban.

Writing or creating multiple meaningless replies/threads for attention or for purpose of arguing is not permitted. This also includes general spam/bot posts that have no relevance to the forums in general or the section that they are in, or linking to external websites that could be considered a scam/phish.

Penalty: Posts will be moved to the right place as needed, or be removed - scam/phish/bot posts will be deleted. Warnings will be issued as needed.

The staff are here specifically to handle certain situations - Please let the staff do what they are there to do. Backseat moderating is when a user who is not a staff member attempts to enforce the rules on their behalf. When you see a rule broken please use the report button or private message a staff member so that they can handle the situation as needed.

Penalty: There is no penalty for this as such, but we do ask that it be followed as this can cause issues/arguments in some cases which would then result in warnings etc..

If you think anything obvious is missing from here, or any of the rules are a bit too strict, please message a staff member regarding this privately and we will see what can be changed!
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