General Information on JAR List/1-Click Install Updates and Changes

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Dec 18, 2015
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The options that are available on your MultiCraft panels JAR list/1-Click Install list are updated regularly - The following are the general guidelines of when things will be updated on the jarlist, what it is likely to be added and what we are unlikely to add to the list.
You will also find a list of all currently available options HERE - If any are missing from your list at any time please send in a support ticket HERE letting us know so we can correct this!

General Guidelines For All JAR List Options
  • The option will be a full/recommended release in almost all cases. With only a few exceptions, such as the weekly Vanilla snapshots/pre-releases when they come around (at least until the full release comes out, when all snapshots/pre-releases are removed), we do not add Development/BETA/Pre-Release options to our jarlist.
    • An exception for this has been made for the SpongeForge options, as this has been in development for a long time and it is not clear when it will come out of BETA but it is now fairly stable.
  • When a new recommended release for Forge or a modpack is added, the outdated version/option will be removed within a few days.
  • For some options, for example the latest CraftBukkit/Spigot, we will update the same option to the latest release/bug fix. To update you need to delete the '/jar' directory from your server files and then restart the server to install the updated version (see relevant posts HERE and HERE).
When an updated version of Vanilla Minecraft is released we will update the 'Default' and 'Default Vanilla Minecraft' jarlist options to this release. To update you need to delete the '/jar' directory from your server files and then restart the server to install the updated version if you use these options.

We will always keep a handful of the last major releases of Vanilla Minecraft - you are not limited to these if you want to use an older version however, you can install a custom server jar following the guide HERE.

In regards to the weekly Vanilla Snapshots when they come around for the next release we will keep the latest version of the two latest Snapshots. When a third is added the oldest will be removed at the same time. Pre-Releases will be added as a third option when they come around, and when the full release comes out all Snapshots and the Pre-Releases will be removed.

We will always keep a small handful of the latest major releases of both Spigot and CraftBukkit that make changes that effect plugins/server features.

In general we will have the latest versions of CraftBukkit/Spigot for the previous four major MC releases, and then the latest releases for any major changes on the current major MC release.
- For example as of November 29th 2017 we have builds for 1.8.8/1.9.4/1.10.2/1.11.2 and have the latest builds for 1.12/1.12.1/1.12.2. When 1.13 comes out the 1.8.8, 1.12 and 1.12.1 options will be removed. As above you are not limited to the options we provide, you can install an older version manually we just do not support it by default.

The jars for the latest version will be updated as and when new patches/builds are released. To update when using these jars simply delete your servers /jar folder and restart the server.

We will only automatically add the latest Recommended versions of official FTB/Technic/ATLauncher modpacks, and the most popular/requested modpacks from the FTB Launcher, Technic Launcher, ATLauncher and Curse/Twitch Launcher. We will not add Development or BETA releases as a general rule of thumb, with a few exceptions (currently for example JurassicWorld:Revelations has a BETA build on our list as it has been out for a while and is somewhat 'stable' it just hasn't been labelled as so).

When an updated 'Recommended' version of a modpack on our list is released we will add it to the list as soon as we can. The outdated version will be removed within a few days of this.

In the case of modpacks we add that have a custom/pre-built world as part of the package, it will state on the JAR list option what the world is named in the 1-click install files.
- As an example, if you wish to use AgrarianSkies2 with it's pre-built world you need to select it on the JAR list, enter 'ASkies2' in the World box, hit Save at the bottom of the page and then restart the server.

Pixelmon is an available option on our JAR list, though it is an individual mod not a modpack, due to extreme popularity by itself. Please note however that Pixelmon has now been discontinued and shut down by the official Pokémon Company so it will not be updated and may be removed if we are asked to remove it.

All modpack options only have the general mods of the pack - All optional mods have to be enabled/uploaded to the server manually after running the base installation.
The only exception to this is the ResonantRise options - one option will have the 'Mainline' options installed with it.

We will keep a slightly larger backlog of major MCPC+/Cauldron/KCauldron/Thermos releases than we do for other options due to their popularity. For those that are unsure of what these are, they are effectively Forge+Spigot, and will run both Forge mods for the same MC version alongside Bukkit plugins.

There is currently no way to use Bukkit plugins alongside Forge 1.8. 'Sponge' is being developed for this and can be used with the few Sponge specific plugins that have been released, but it does not work with Bukkit plugins as there are no functional Sponge:Bukkit bridges currently.

You can read up on the Forge+Plugin options and which you can use in a bit more detail HERE.

The first time you run any of the available 'Forge' options it will remove any files that are already in the mods folder - mod files should be uploaded after the first run/installation of Forge. The MCPC+/Cauldron/KCauldron/Thermos/SpongeForge options do not do this, so you can install a modpack and then switch over to these at a later time to enable plugin use without having to reinstall the modpack files.

When a JAR list option has been removed, if you have not updated and are still using the same jar as before, your server will fail to show as 'Online' on the control panel on restarts (it will, however, still be running fine if you check the console). This can be remedied by either updating to the new option or following the guide HERE.

If you wish to use an option that is not available, either due to being outdated or not meeting our guidelines on JAR list additions, you can install a custom server JAR as stated above following THIS guide, custom Forge versions or individual mods following THIS guide, and custom modpacks/modpack versions following THIS guide.

A post will be made in the 'JAR List/1-Click Install Updates' sub-forum every week and will be updated with responses each day that week if there have been any updates or changes made to let you know! Please note that depending on staff availability and how busy we are at the time it can take us a few days to get an update on the list - if we appear to have missed an update or you are unsure if we are adding it to the list please send in a support ticket and we will let you know when it will be added to the list!
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