HCMC Network [Hardcore Amplified Survival] [SkyBlock] [Zombie RPG/Survival]

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    Website: http://www.hc-mc.us
    Join our Discord: discord.gg/bWTN3Bc

    HCMC is an ever-progressing Hub Server created to entertain and challenge Minecrafters like never before! If you have any questions, problems, concerns, or ideas contact me personally on any of our platforms (PMC, Discord, Website, Server, etc.) and I'll get back to you ASAP.
    Network Wide Features

    Network-Wide Custom Made Pet Unlocks available via our donation store
    Custom Picked Heads on all Network Servers accessible to all players via crates
    Hand-Picked Gadgets on all Network Servers
    Gorgeous Custom-Made Particle Effects on all Network Servers
    Incredible Custom-Made Mounts on all Network Servers
    Customizable Elytra Effects on all Network Servers
    Custom Made GUIs tailored to the individual to make their life on the HCMC Network easier and more entertaining
    Custom Made Maps, Buildings, and Plugins
    Mature, Educated, and Friendly Staff Members
    An Over-All Balanced experience for all players regardless of rank

    Hardcore Survival Features
    24 Hour Temp Ban on Death
    McMMo - Customized to be more Balanced
    Mob Egg and Spawner Drops
    Vote Rewards
    Easter Eggs and Events
    Epic Mounts
    Spawner Drops
    Crates and Keys
    Custom Advancements Tab
    Excellent Clans System With a Gorgeous GUI
    No OP Donor Kits or Ranks
    Land Protection for Players via Residences
    Casinos and Coinflips
    Jukebox with 40+ Songs and counting
    Access to /back and /sethome commands for convenience
    Amazing Amplified Setting
    Server Compatible with 1.9+
    Powerful Anti-Cheat
    Donation Ranks
    Website and Forums

    SkyBlock Features
    Classic SkyBlock
    An Incredibly Balanced Economy System
    An Incredibly In-Depth and Practical Shop
    Warzone with a Huge Custom Floating Terrain containing Supply Drops with loot to assist you on your Island
    Flight Time Purchasable with In-Game Money
    Spawners Purchasable with In-Game Money
    Kits Purchasable with In-Game Money
    Jukebox with 40+ Songs and Counting
    Vote Rewards
    No OP Donor Kits or Ranks
    All Donator Perks are Unlock-able by Playing
    Features Being Added Regularly!
    Zombie Survival RPG

    Custom Sounds to make the Player's Experience more engaging
    Custom Advancements which reward players with kits, and cash.
    A Dynamic Map to Assist you on your Adventure
    Supply Drops/Envoys to Promote PvP and Player Encounters
    An Extensive and Balanced Economy System in Which Players have to Grind to Get the Best Gear
    An Auction House for Players to Buy and Sell Choice Items
    A Casino for Players to Try their luck and take a gamble
    Factions - Players can team up and fight to be the strongest
    Private Chests for Premium
    Hotel Rooms for VIP
    Quests, Storyline, POI's, Easter Eggs, and More!
    HCMC's Zombie Survival Server Takes Place in Hope, Alaska on an Incredible Custom Built Map created by some of the best builders in Minecraft, the Project Zombie Team. The map features everything necessary for a placer to craft, make potions, purchase better gear, enchant, and more. Part of the challenge, however, is surviving long enough to find all these places! We wish you luck Minecrafters, and we hope to see you there. We have big plans for HCMC's Zombie Survival server and still have a lot of work to do. If you're interested in joining the dev team for ZS contact me!

    We are Always open to new ideas and requests and strive to bring the best Minecraft Environment we can to you! If you have an idea for our server, please feel free to contact me personally on any platform(PMC, Discord, Our Website, The Server) and I will get back to you immediately!​

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