MultiCraft Important Change: Removal of the PermGen Jarlist Options!


BeastNode Staff
Dec 18, 2015
The Realm of Obscurity.
Due to all of our systems having now been updated to Java 8, there is no longer a need for there to be 'PermGen' options on the JAR list. Java 8 does not limit the PermGen and no servers should have any crashes due to this anymore!

As such we have removed the PermGen options on the jarlist as they are now redundant. However - As they were used by a lot of clients with custom jar options to resolve the issue with the server appearing as Offline on the panel we have added another option that you can use for your custom jar options, which is listed as 'Mod: Custom Server JAR'.

To change your server over to this all you need to do is log into your server files and rename the server .jar you are using in the '/jar' directory to 'custom_server.jar' and you are good to go!

If you need any assistance with this please submit a support ticket HERE.