MultiCraft Important Change: Server Startup Parameters


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Dec 18, 2015
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In general we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the system as a whole. As such we have made some minor changes to our JAR List's custom startup scripts. Instead of always fully allocating the maximum amount of RAM for the package you have, the system will now dynamically alter how much RAM is allocated, increasing and decreasing as needed with your servers RAM usage at the time, up to the maximum RAM your package comes with.

This will not change anything in terms of how your server works - you will always have that maximum amount available for your server to use. All this will do is mean that while your server is only using a portion of it's maximum RAM, the spare RAM won't just be idle it will be allowing the system itself to perform a little bit better which should improve general performance for all servers/clients.

The only visible difference this will make to your service is if you use a plugin to check your servers RAM usage.
As an example, I will use Essentials' '/gc' results - Previously, on a 5GB package you will have seen this (or similar depending on your servers usage/allocation) when doing 'gc' in the console after startup:

[Server] Server thread/INFO Maximum memory: 5,086 MB.
[Server] Server thread/INFO Allocated memory: 5,086 MB.
[Server] Server thread/INFO Free memory: 255 MB.

Showing that the Allocated RAM is the same as your servers Maximum RAM limits (note that it never shows 100% of your RAM allocation due to small amounts of RAM being used on background processes that the plugin doesn't register - hence it shows 5086MB instead of 5120MB which is what is being allocated in total).

With these changes you will see this instead:

[Server] Server thread/INFO Maximum memory: 5,086 MB.
[Server] Server thread/INFO Allocated memory: 569 MB.
[Server] Server thread/INFO Free memory: 255 MB.

Which shows that while your server can go up to a maximum of 5086MB (not including the background functions as above), it is only currently allocating a 569MB portion of your total RAM due to the current low usage (as of that 569MB, 255MB is not in use) which means that 4772MB of your usage will be free at that time to help with the systems overall performance. If your RAM usage spikes then the Allocated RAM will increase accordingly up to it's normal limits as per your server package.

If you have any issues or concerns with this, or need further clarification, please submit a support ticket HERE!
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